Eels Weekend Recap vs. the Knights

Eels Elite and Empire Split Weekd

The Florida Eels Atlanta Weekend Recap

The Florida Eels went on the road over the weekend for their 2nd series against the Atlanta Knights. It was the first time that the Eels were back in Atlanta in 3 years. The Eels played a series of home games on Labor Day weekend where the Eels Elite team won 1 game and lost one game. That weekend the Eels Empire team also won one and lost one.

This past weekend the Elite team lost 5-1 on Saturday evening but came back Sunday to defeat the Knights 3-2 in a OT shootout. The Knights were ready for the Eels this weekend. They through everything at us. We have to admit we were a bit surprised said GM Scarpaci. In game one the Knights kept up a constant attack.

The Eels regained their composure Saturday evening as the players regrouped back at the hotel. The Eels reenergized their bodies and focused on what we know that had to be done. I was very proud of their come back Sunday. They were more determined and battled through this game. The Eels took the Knights into OT and a shoot-out before winning the Sunday match.

On the Empire side the Eels also spit the games. Both games went into OT. In game one the Eels took the 2 points in the shootout. In game two Atlanta won in a shoot out. The Empire team earned 3 points for the wins and OT loss.

The Eels see they cannot take any teams for granted. This is the story of the USPHL. Any team can beat any team on any given night. This is not a clique. No. The USPHL is made up of very competitive teams and highly skilled players.


Complete scores and stats are on the web site.

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