Florida Eels Rookies Are Off To A Hot Start This Season

Eels Rookies Take the Lead

In the first 4 games on the Elite side, Colin Whit has 1 goal and 4 assist, Brandon Halvorsen has 2 goals and 1 assist,Garrett Wood has 2 goals and 1 assist, Jeff O’Dea has 1 goal and 1 assist, Cory Richardson has a 1 goal and 1 assist, for a total of 7 goals and 8 assist. That is 7 goals out of 15 for the entire team and 8 out of 25 assist.

On the Empire side, Rookie Justin Klick is leading the team in points with 1 goal and 3 assist, Bryan Miller has 3 assist, Travis Bruss has 1 goal and 2 assist, Gonzalo Ruiz has 1 assist, and Zachary Briscoe has 1 goal which is a total of 3 out of 7 goals and 9 out of 12 assist.

Those are pretty impressive stats when you consider on most teams rookies generally receive minimal ice time. Not the case with the Eels. We are all about player development says GM Scarpaci. We brought these guys in to give them the highest form of training and exposure. These guys were brought in for a reason. We scouted over 2,000 players and knew these young men would fit into the mold and system of the Eels.

GM Scarpaci has seen quite a bit of hockey over the decades of coaching and his prediction is that that Defensemen Brandon Halvorsen, Colin Whit, Cory Richardson, and Justin Klick will all reach double digits this season. You can see it in their game, very smart and play extremely well in all three zones. Let there be no doubt they are extremely dangerous on the offensive blue line and a constant threat to opponents.

By similar token, there is a similar prediction that Jeff O’Dea, Garrett Wood, Miller, Travis Bruss, Gonzalo Ruiz  Zachary Briscoe will ripen into league leading goal scorers in their divisions. These guys have great hands solid shots and the insatiable appetite to score. We can expect high double digits form them as well.

This week the Eels travel to Atlanta to finish their home and away series. Both the Elite and Empire teams split the first time they met at the Eels season opener in Fort Myers. The Eels are looking to gain two wins on the road each where we can rest assure Atlanta is prepared to push the Eels back. It has been 4 seasons ago when the Eels last played at the MIC Center. The Eels leave on Friday morning for this weekends outing.

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