We offer SAT/ACT Prep & College Guidance Programs

One-on-one & private via Zoom on a schedule that suits our skaters


The Florida Eels are dedicated to providing every opportunity and as much support as possible for each of our hockey players.
To that end, we have partnered with The Studen Den, which offers Zoom SAT/ACT prep classes – one-on-one or semi-private – conveniently working with the dedicated travel and training schedules our players are committed to. Our aim is to get our boys every advantage and we are completely committed to ensuring they achieve their personal highest and best in all areas.

Here are the SAT Test Dates and Deadlines for 2023-2024

The following 2023-2024 SAT test dates are confirmed by the College Board.

Test Date

Est. Registration Deadline

Est. Online Score Release


August 24, 2024July 26, 2024September 5-10, 2024Digital
October 5, 2024August 30, 2024October 17-22, 2024Digital
November 2, 2024October 4, 2024November 14-19, 2024Digital
December 7, 2024November 19, 2024December 19-24, 2024Digital
March 8, 2025February 18, 2025March 20-25, 2025Digital
May 3, 2025April 15, 2025May 15-20, 2025Digital
June 7, 2025May 20, 2025June 19-24, 2025Digital

In the Spring of 2024, the US SAT and SAT School Day exams will go digital.

What’s the Difference?

  • The digital SAT will be shorter, running for about two hours in contrast to the current SAT’s length of three hours. Students will also be given more time per question.
  • The digital SAT Reading and Math sections will be more relevant. SAT Reading passages will be shorter and will cover a wider range of topics that represent the types of texts that students read in college. One question will correspond with each reading passage instead of a set of multiple questions. On SAT Math, students will be able to use calculators on the entire section.
  • The digital SAT will be more accessible. Students will be able to use their own laptop or tablet or a school-issued device to take the digital SAT. If a student loses Internet access, the digital SAT will save their work and will not count the time lost against them. SAT scores will be available to students within days instead of weeks.

ACT- 2023-24 ACT Test Dates & Registration Deadlines

Test Date

Registration Deadline

Est. Score Release


September 14, 2024August 25, 2024September 26-3-, 2024Digital or Written
October 26, 2024October 7, 2024November 7-10, 2024Digital or Written
December 14, 2024November 22, 2024December 26-31, 2024Digital or Written
February 8, 2025January 20, 2025February 20-25, 2025Digital or Written
April 5, 2025March 16, 2025April 18-22,2025Digital or Written
June 14, 2025May 26, 2025June 26-30, 2025Digital or Written
July 12, 2025June 20, 2025July 24-29, 2025Digital or Written

Our proven, one-on-one test prep methods help students build a deep knowledge of the subject matter at hand while learning crucial test-taking and problem-solving skills — lowering anxiety levels and significantly raising test scores along the way. 

Not sure which test to take? Not a problem – we can help with that also. 

There are three key aspects of prepping for these tests: learning the logic of the test, studying the content, and practicing the questions.

Set your score goal!

Once you take your first practice test and find out your total score, we set your goal score! We look at potential colleges for you, what scores you need, and we make a plan to accomplish that goal. We keep it feasible based on the time frame you have.

Make a study plan and stick to your schedule.

We develop a realistic study schedule based on your strengths and weaknesses, goal score, and time frames you have – and your hockey schedule! 

We offer hourly pricing – or packages for complete preparation. 


The first obvious advantage of online classes is the sheer convenience factor.  

With virtual learning, you have the option of taking classes in the privacy of your billeted home while wearing your comfy slippers and recovering from that Eels practice!

Not only have you saved hours by not having to travel to a physical location to take a class, but with online courses, you have greater flexibility in choosing the best time to study. 

The screen-sharing option of Zoom is very useful and beneficial for both educators and learners.

We have been doing this in excellence for over a dozen years – we know all the aspects of successful study, ensuring your time is very well spent. 


We offer a fully comprehensive program that takes each student through the full application process:

The following package includes applying to 8 colleges or universities.

  • Filling out applications one-on-one with students
  • Develop a Resume
  • Develop Essays
  • Reporting of school grades where necessary and through proper portal.  (Colleges and Universities do this differently) So it is important to know how each school expects the self-reporting of grades. 
  • Report SAT and ACT scores
  • Once application is submitted, we make sure each student creates their portal at each college or university and then further submits what each college is looking for. (This is a very important part of the application process).
  • Follow through with each student until student is accepted, deferred, or denied. 
  • If deferred, we will follow up with college or university to determine what they are looking for from the student to accept them. 
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