The Training


At the heart of the Eels Junior Program is an unwavering dedication to providing its players with ample opportunities to train their bodies physically and mentally through an all-inclusive approach to game development.

Ice Training

Each day, players skate for an impressive 1 and 1/2 hours, resulting in approximately 10 hours of ice training during the weekdays. Over the course of a 40-week season, players enjoy an unprecedented 350 hours of practice ice per year, accompanied by 120 hours of game time. This exceptional provision of ice time distinguishes the Eels Junior Program as a leader in player development. The Eels players also play in an additional 10 scrimmage games per season. These games allow players to come out of their comfort zone and gain valuable experience in execution and confidence that allows them to bring their game to the Next Level.

The Eels Junior Program strives to create a professional environment that fosters high-paced and intense training sessions. With a focus on supportive learning, coaches work diligently to cultivate individual skill development while emphasizing the importance of teamwork. By maintaining a fast-paced and highly skilled practice environment, the program ensures that each player maximizes their potential while simultaneously building strong team chemistry. The Eels firmly believe that personal growth directly contributes to team success.

Off-Ice Training

In addition to the Florida Eels on-ice training commitment, players undergo intensive daily off-ice training to help build their stamina and on-ice speed. Players are put through a uniquely tailored program created by our coaches to help build players’ strength and ability during their game time play. Florida Eels players can expect to spend 1 to 2 hours a day dedicated to off-ice gym training.

Game Play Education

Coaches realize the importance of not only physical training but the mental training of our athletes as well. Junior players participate in daily and weekly video analysis sessions with our specialists to help improve their education of the game both as an individual and as a team.

The Eels Junior Program is a shining example of a hockey program that prioritizes game education, training, and practice. By offering an extraordinary amount of time to its players, the program ensures that individual skills are honed to perfection within a supportive team setting. The Eels Junior Program is truly a breeding ground for champions, shaping aspiring athletes into accomplished players ready to conquer the next level of their hockey journey. In the end, Eels players garner 4-5 hours per day of on-ice, off-ice, and video training. That is on average 20 hours per week and this is unparalleled in the industry.

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