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Step into the extraordinary world of the Florida Eels Junior Hockey program, where dreams become reality and excellence is the standard. From its inception, the Eels have been dedicated to empowering hockey players to reach their full potential in preparation for college or professional hockey careers. Today, the Eels stand as a shining example of an exceptional junior hockey program, with a multitude of players attaining remarkable success at advanced levels of play.

Comprising two Tier III Junior A teams, the Eels showcase their prowess in the highly competitive landscape of the USPHL. One team competes in the esteemed USPHL Premier Division, while the other team competes in the equally impressive USPHL Elite Division. It comes as no surprise that both the Premier and Elite teams consistently rank among the crème de la crème in their respective divisions. Indeed, last season the Premier team was ranked # 2 Nationally and # 1 in the USPHL. Over the past 11 seasons, the Eels have emerged victorious in their division, triumphed in the playoffs, and forged their path to Nationals. They have dazzled spectators by reaching the semi-finals five times and the finals an astounding three times. Their dominance extends seamlessly from the regular season to the playoffs, a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence.

The Eels program’s most awe-inspiring achievement lies in the 349 players it has propelled to pursue college hockey careers. Last season alone, the Eels propelled an impressive 18 players toward their collegiate dreams. Such an accomplishment firmly establishes the Eels as one of the preeminent programs in North America, regardless of tier or division. Indeed, the Eels stand as a paragon of player development. While many programs merely pay lip service to this ideal, the Eels go above and beyond, transforming promising young talents into true hockey stars. Year after year, an astonishing 15+ boys from the program make the leap to play college hockey, a resounding testament to the Eels’ unwavering commitment to nurturing and refining their players’ skills.

As evidence of their unparalleled dedication, the Eels boast an alumni network that radiates excellence. Over 349 alumni have excelled at various levels of college hockey, etching their names into the annals of the sport. Four former Eels players have had their dreams fulfilled by being drafted into the NHL, including the likes of Teddy Ruth, who began his journey with the Washington Capitals and the jersey of the Columbus Blue Jackets. RJ Boyd was drafted by the Florida Panthers, while Brad Peltz was with the Ottawa Senators. Cam Darcy with the Tampa Bay Lightning. Moreover, an additional four alumni have graced the hallowed halls of NHL Prospects Camps, rubbing shoulders with the elite of the sport. Players like Malcolm Lyles (Florida Panthers), Clay Witt (Tampa Bay Lightning), and Bennett Schneider (NY Islanders) exemplify the caliber of talent the Eels program consistently produces.

The Eels’ impact reverberates far beyond the college and professional ranks. Many alumni have made their mark in esteemed leagues such as the USHL, NAHL, and BCHL, demonstrating the depth and quality of the Eels’ player pool. Furthermore, the Eels have nurtured their players’ academic pursuits, securing placements for over 40 alumni in prestigious New England Prep schools. By fostering a holistic approach to development, the Eels ensure their players are equipped with the tools to succeed both on and off the ice.

In the realm of junior hockey, few programs can rival the Florida Eels. Their unwavering commitment to player development, unparalleled success on the ice, and remarkable alumni achievements have solidified their status as a true powerhouse. The Florida Eels Junior Hockey program stands tall.

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