This Friday the Eels Elite Face Off for their final game of the season in Palm Beach

The Regular Season Comes to a close this Friday as the Eels take on the Typhoon

It has been an incredible season for the Florida Eels. Both teams clinched 1st place in the Florida Division.  That is impressive for one team to each that height but an all together another accomplishment for both teams to win their Divisions.

The Elite team does have one final game to play against the Palm Beach Typhoon. It is being played this Friday March 4th 3:30 pm at the Palm Beach Ice Works The Bus will leave at 11:00 am sharp from the Fort Myers Skatium Of course our guys have playoff in mind. They are 100% focused on the big picture. This week has been dedicated to fine tuning our game.Yes it could be #19 with a win but there is something far bigger: Making sure all players are healthy, ready and prepared for the playoffs.

If you can please join us live There will be NO HockeyTV as the facility does not have it there They do have Live Barn but we are not a subscriber to that item

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