The Florida Eels and the USPHL Are Placing Hundreds in College

The Florida Eels have put a record number of players in college and university hockey over the last decade, 365 to be exact. This year alone the Florida Eels have placed 29 players in NCAA, ACHA, and AAU collegiate hockey. The Eels are an esteemed organization that is known for their player development, and ability to find the right fit for their players post junior hockey.

Although, highly competitive, having made over 7 USPHL National appearances finishing either as Semi-Finalists, or Finalists in the last four years, the Eels pride themselves on something even greater: preparing players for their future hockey careers. The Eels have no doubt been very successful and are ranked highly in North American Hockey, drawing players in from all around the world: Sweden, Czech Republic, France, China to name just a few, they are also amongst the top at college placement.

The Florida Eels competitive in nature sit in the top tier in the country and in the Southern Region of Hockey. The United States Premier Hockey League, like the Florida Eels, prides itself in its ability to help players fulfill their college dreams. This 2023-2024 season, the USPHL has placed 319 players in NCAA, ACHA, and AAU hockey (252 from the Premier Division and 67 from the Elite Division).

The Eels are thrilled for another great season and getting our players ready for their futures.

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