The Florida Eels announce it first college commitment from its 2014-15 Elite team. CORY LIGNELLI

Press Release:

The Florida Eels announce it first college commitment from its 2014-15 Elite team. CORY LIGNELLI Florida Eels Netminder College commits to NCAA Div. 3 Worcester State University in Massachusetts. Cory reaches his life long dream of being a recruited player and earning a spot on a NCAA men’s college team. Cory played for the Florida Eels Elite team this season. Cory played in 12 games. Won 8 lost 4 and had a solid .902 Sav % and a 2.34 GAA. He is a solid goalie said GM Scarpaci  “High skill set. Attacks the puck well. Reads the play in front of him. Focused and the will and heart to win. A very good work ethic. Very determined and dedicated to play college” hockey. He comes from great supportive family.  Strong character.


This was not an easy decision to make. One NCAA Div. I college  . College in New England  recruited him; and a solid number NCAA Div. 3 colleges recruited Cory.  He visited at least a ½ dozen schools and attended as many Div. 3 games. No question he did his due diligence. Cory loved the feel at WSU and feels it will be a great fit for him. Cory is a very articulate individual. Quite mature for his age. He took his college search more serious than most players. He visited the schools, toured the campuses and met with the coaches, players, admissions, financial aid, visited the dorms classes etc. He wanted to make absolutely certain that whatever school he chose it would be a strong fit for him. He checked out the majors and curriculum. He realized unlike most players the operative word in college hockey is “College.”


He has had some very good seasoning over the years; he is a veteran in junior hockey. He stared out his juniors in Connecticut with the Wolf Pack and moved on to the East Coast Eagles and then with the NH Monarchs Elite team where he played in 18 games. GM Scarpaci recruited him to the Eels this year and assisted Cory  not only in his player development but in his quest to play college hockey. Congratulations in order. He is the first NCAA signee for this season.

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