Meet Our Florida Eels Premier Boys From Alberta, Canada

Meet Our Florida Eels Premier Boys From Alberta, Canada

The Western Canada influence of the Florida Eels …..

The Eels who are synonymous to being global is underscored by the number of players from our Northern border in Western Canada. Our Premier team captain and 4-year veteran of the Florida Eels is Easton Moore. He is from Red Deer Alberta. Easton is a young man who bleeds Black Green and White. He is one of the Eels most dedicated players. Loyalty runs through his veins. And when you see they are made up of “Ice Water”, Easton is our go to guy….he does not waiver or buckle under pressure. Coach Frankie echoes this kid has completely bought into the Eels program. It isn’t easy to play for the Eels. We expect unwavering commitment to the team, selfless individuals, guys with unsurpassed work ethic and 100% dedication to the team. They must have the willingness to abstain from vices. Our players acknowledge we have a “Goal” but it takes far more than hope to win… to reach our mission. More than hard work. Easton has these intangibles.

Moreover, Easton pushes his players to reach those ends. Other teams practice 3 maybe if they are lucky 4 days per week. One hour per day. Our coaches and our captains know that won’t cut it here. As captain Easton demands his guys follow suit. That means 4+ hours of training 5 days per week and then some if it is an off weekend. And with a calm, cool and collective guy as Easton at the helm, he does not need to be dictatorial. Oh know. That is not his style. He talks clearly but firmly. About our rich legacy. Our tradition, Our accomplishments. 11 straight Divisional Titles 11 straight playoff champions 11 straight National appearances. And if that does not give you goose bumps and make you buy in then nothing will. You simply would not be an Eel. But if you are not in….you are out.

Easton is a prodigy of two elite programs in Alberta: The West Central Tigers and the Hockey Central Panthers. There he developed his foundation and his work ethic. Nothing short of leaving everything on the ice would be acceptable. Easton has phenomenal skill set, is a very good skater, has outstanding stick control, and a nose for the net. When not scoring he is setting someone up. His back checking smothers his opponents and forecheck is equally suffocating.

When Hurricane Ian struck Fort Myers, he led his team in helping neighbors and those impacted by the Hurricane in boarding up houses, cleaning up homes and businesses. Nobody told them to, they just did what was right…..

A total package. He is NCAA bound. When you get a chance stop by and say hello.

Our second young man from Alberta, Canada is Damon Kiyawasew. A second-year veteran of the Florida Eels Premier team from Sherwood Park, Alberta Canada. Damon is probably the most high energy and most exciting player in the organization. No doubt he is not only the spark plug to ignite his fellow teammates, he is also the fuel and cannon that strikes the opposition hard and often with laser precision. In 6 games played he already has 7 goals. Damon has lightning like explosive speed. He also has more moves than they have on Dancing with The Stars. He simply undresses his opposing defensemen often leaving them standing like pylons. No doubt Damon has an insatiable appetite to score.

Damon does all this with that patterned Kiyawasew “Kiwi” smile. He loves the game. He loves his teammates. He loves every shift and equally loves practice. He would stay on for a double session every day if we let him. This young man lives, breathes and bleeds hockey. He came to the Eels last season and bought in 100% in our mission, our goal, and our task. Damon is a product of the Sherwood Park Oilers back home. There he had outstanding player development. And now he is taking his game to the entire new Next Level. Kiyawasew has enormous upside. There is no celling on his potential. He is a high character individual. This was evidenced by his selfless assistance to so many unfortunate neighbors who were hit hard by Hurricane Ian. Kiwi was amongst the leaders helping those with their homes and businesses getting their lives back together. He is another example of the type of player we garner from Alberta, Canada. If you have not had the chance to meet him stop by.

The third member of the Alberta is Kayde Budgell from Bentley, Alberta Canada. He too is a second year veteran of the Eels Premier team. Like Easton Moore, Kayde is also a by-product of the West Central Tigers minor hockey program is Western Canada. Truly this is one of the premier player development programs in Western Canada and Kayde is a living example of this. He is a very smooth skater Excellent skills set. A Patrice Bergeron type player. He can score, set guys up and deny opponents and scoring chances with his defensive abilities. A truly complete player. Budgell has great vision and when you think he is going east he goes west. He can score with only 6 inches of open space. Kayde is a very shifty and very deceptive player and that makes him most dangerous to play against..

Kayde’s character is impeccable. He is the ultimate team guy. Selfless. Hard working. Dedicated and plays with an unwavering willingness to win. He possesses the highest of compete levels. He is the ultimate Eel. Kayde understands the Eels want to do more than win. With us, it is more than playing that game. It is a culture. Something that is part of a long rich and storied legacy. He loves being part of it. It means eating sleeping and immersing yourself as an Eel. We go out to dominate. But we do so with pride and dignity.

Nowhere else was this exemplified than after Hurricane Ian. Kayde and a group of his teammates, spear-headed Hurricane recovery for many of his Fort Myers neighbors and businesses that they never knew or met before. It was about being a caring human being. And this came from a young man who never experienced a hurricane before in his life. So aside from being one of the top forwards in the entire USPHL, Kayde Budgell is also one of the top young men in the league. As much as Kayde is proud to be an Eel we are equally proud and honored he is with our program.
Stop by to meet Kayde and say hello.

Last but not least is our newest member to the Eels from Alberta, Canada is Liam Hennessey. Liam is from Calgary AB. whereas the other 3 young men are from the Edmonton area. This always make for interesting discussion: The Oilers or the Flames for Canadian NHL Supremacy.

This is Liam’s first year with the Eels. Eels Premier Coach Frankie Scarpaci and GM Scarpaci had been targeted Liam for a couple of years. Liam played for the Eels at the New England Pro Am Pre Draft Showcase in May and we were convinced Liam would be a perfect fit to join the Eels. No doubt he has proven everything we expected.

Liam is a power forward. Excellent skater with quick acceleration. Very strong on his skates. Powerful in the gym. He drives hard to the net. Players with a little bit of abandon heart, no fear, all business. He will push hard to the net and make things happen. He is a by- product of the Creston Valley Thunder Cats, the CBHA Blackhawks U18 AA and the CBHA Rangers U18 AA minor hockey programs in Calgary. There he developed excellent fundamentals. He brings enormous energies to the Eels. Liam plays with confidence and high expectations of himself and teammates. Liam has a high hockey IQ and it shows in his play with and away from the puck.

What impressed us so much about Liam was his willingness and desire to do whatever it takes to win. You see with Liam, he goes beyond wanting to win. Afterall everybody wants to win. The difference between good hockey players and great hockey players is whether you are 100% committed to do what it takes to win? Liam is always willing to do whatever it takes to advance his game to the Next Level. You don’t often find a player willing to train an extra hour or two each day, to shoot pucks 150 extra times a day. To be 100% dialed in. He realizes it is not enough to have goals and want to win our Division, the playoffs, advance to Nationals and win it all and ultimately play college hockey. You must be the most dedicated, determined and committed player. That means putting in the extra time. Not with just lip service. With action….He has bought in to the Eels platform.

He has a great personality. Always willing to jump in and help the staff and his teammates. Liam loves being part of the Eels legacy and is looking to make his own mark. Come by and say hello to Liam. You will see his positive attitude is contagious.

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