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Proud To Be An Eel

On behalf of Clare Frankie Nicole and myself I want to wish you all a very Happy and Healthy New Year. 2015 will bring so much hope and joy to so many of us. I know that many of us are looking forward to the upcoming SAHOF playoffs or the USPHL playoffs. For a number of the boys you are also looking a bit further ahead to getting accepted into college and playing college hockey next year. For myself I have my daughter Nicole’s wedding in 30 days and Frankie’s in October. How exciting.


I have to say starting the New Year it gave me personal pride in the way our families once again boned together to come together when a member of our Florida Eels family fell into despair and tragedy a few days ago. As you all know Ryan LeFort’s dad died in a terrible car accident Dec 27th. Many of you immediately answered the call in donating needed equipment for Ryan. Moreover, at the Funeral Services for his dad, my heart was pounding as I saw all of his Bantam teammates there in their uniforms to support and comfort Ryan. Then in the next 3 rows were the bantam parents with their children. In the next rows were other Eels from the younger guys to Eels Empire team Jr. Captain Bill Boeberg.


Guys this is again an example that I often state, being part of the Eels is not simply playing youth or junior hockey. This is a family. A family that every year systematically and continuously stands up and is there for one another. To see the fear, the true concern, the comforting eyes and the confusion in their eyes and faces…. These bantams were not going to be deterred by having something else to do. They knew at this early age that their friend Ryan needed them. Again they are living examples of what I say all the time. “Long after the games are played, long after the goals are scored no one will ever remember the scores of the games or who scored the goals. What you will remember is the friendship and camaraderie for a lifetime.


Folks Clare and I left that Funeral Service so proud of our players and organization. This is part of what separates us from the rest…..


In closing we wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Years. We hope and pray that the Southwest Florida Community continues to get back on their feet and allow those families who have been struggling over the last 4 years and chance to get back on their feet. We also pray for our families and that we all have a healthy time ahead.

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