Florida Premier Defeats The Jr Blades 7-4

We knew before the drop of the puck, this would be another high scoring game. The Eels Premier team scored 33 goals in the past 4 games vs the Junior Blades. This is on average 8.33 GF per game. Today was no different. The Eels players again came out on fire and we saw two Eels players score 3  or more goals each for two hat tricks. The Blades did manage to get more than their average of 1.75 GA on the Eels. The Blades tallied 4 today. The Blades added 4-5 new guys to their line up but these new additions did not curtail or thaw the Eels offensive tent.


Scoring today went as follows:



2:07 EEL Nikita Pinimyasov (18) ASST: Jean-Simon Robidoux (9) (SH)
6:44 FJB Alex Brown (6) ASST: Quinn Shepard (8), Kyler Rowe (1)
13:02 EEL Demeed Podrezov (20) ASST: Yan Kalinovskiy (22), Nikita Pinimyasov (27) (SH)
15:21 EEL Nikita Pinimyasov (19) ASST: Jean-Simon Robidoux (10), Yan Kalinovskiy (23) (PP)
19:11 EEL Demeed Podrezov (21) ASST: Nikita Pinimyasov (28), Gage McNeish (7)
14:39 FJB Holden Hertog (5) ASST: Kyler Rowe (2), Alex Brown (5)
19:28 EEL Nikita Pinimyasov (20) ASST: Demeed Podrezov (18), Gabriel Hemstrom (23) (SH)
1:27 FJB Blake Tosto (1) ASST: Quinn Shepard (9), Noah Reeser (4) (PP)
13:55 EEL Deemed Podrezov (22) ASST: Jace Lis-D’Alessandro (12), Gabriel Hemstrom (24)
18:16 FJB Holden Hertog (6) ASST: Kyler Rowe (3), Alex Brown (6)
19:33 EEL Nikita Pinimyasov (21) ASST: Deemed Podrezov (19), Gage McNeish (8) (EN, SH)


Deemed Podrezovpassed the 20-goal mark hit in fact 22 for the season. This is indeed impressive as he is a rookie. Eels sniper Nikita Pinimyasovtallied 4 goals and also passed the 20-goal mark with 21. The Eels now have 3 players with 20 or more goals. In fact, the Eels have at least 3-4 more players who may possibly hit that marker.


With this win the Eels take back sole possession of first place. They have 48 points compared to DME who has 46. Next Saturday the Eels square off vs  DME   at home at 4:00 pm.  No doubt that will be an important game for both teams and will have significant effect in the standings.

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