Florida Eels vs. the Florida Blades Home and Away Series.

The Best Rivalry In Junior Hockey

Florida Eels vs. the Florida Blades Home and Away Series.

This weekend the Florida Eels square off vs. the Florida Blades. It is amazing that the two organizations have yet to play this season. The Eels have played 18 games thus far whereas the Blades played 17. In one week both programs are off to Boston for the IHC College Showcase so these are the last divisional games before the Thanksgiving Break. These two organizations have probably one of the best rivalries in all Junior hockey. They are only 19 miles apart. They have competed so hard against each other over the past decade and a half. Both programs have had some phenomenal players in their programs and they always have very competitive and spirited games. At the helm of both are some very good coaches and you know that their Premier and Elite teams will all be coming out in full force and playing with that extra stride in their game. Moreover, the fan base always comes out for these games. Many a game there were over 600 people there in attendance.

The games start Friday night at Hertz Arena formerly known as Germain Arena. Premier drop of puck is 6:15 pm. Elite is at 8:45 pm. The two teams are then re-set at the Fort Myers Skatium home of the Florida Eels. On Sunday the Elite team game is at 10:30 am and Premier at 1:15 pm.

The games will also be on HockeyTV and no doubt there will be plenty of hits on HockeyTV as the Eels have so many players from Europe Canada and all across the USA. Moreover, the Eels alumni base is from all across the world and so many of our former players continue to tune in and watch the Eels. Both programs have a strong social media base including Twitter Facebook Instagram etc. everyone is well informed. In fact, the Florida Eels announcer Nick Roesch, the “Voice of the Eels” will also be at the away game to help with social media for the Eels. So exciting. To date, in the standings for the Premier Division, this is how it looks:
1. DME GP 19 W 13 L 6 POINTS 26
2. EELS GP 18 10 W6 L OTL 2 POINTS 22
3. BLADES GP 17 5 W 0 L 1 OTL 2 SOL 13 POINTS
4. TAMPA 20 GP 6 W 13 L 1 OTL 13 POINTS

The Eels came off a huge comeback win over first place DME 8-4. The Eels are looking to gain some ground on DME being 4 points behind in the standings. But they won’t take the Blades for granted. The Blades always play their best games against their cross town rivals the Eels. The Blades are neck on neck vs. Tampa and they will be calling out all stops to gain ground and take down the Eels. The Eels have some of the most prolific scorers in the league. Look at their GF 100. The Blades struggle in GF 27. But that won’t give Eels false promise. It only takes one to win. Both teams have solid GA

On the Elite side.
1. Tampa GP 20 W 14 L 6 28 POINTS
2. EELS GP 18 W 10 L 5 SOL 3 SOW 1 23 POINTS
3. BLADES GP 16 W 4 L 12 POINTS 8
4. DME GP 18 W 4 L 14 8 POINTS

The Eels Elite has been on fire and playing its best hockey in 4 years. The team has 82 GF and a very impressive and stingy 45 GA. What is most impressive is the Elite team has really been a development arm. It has advanced over 10 players up and down to its Premier team this season so far. That is what it is all about. Player development and the Eels give more than lip service to this mission.

We are so looking for some great games this Friday and Sunday. We hope you can join us in Estero and Ft Myers or join us on Hockey

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