Florida Eels Premier Team vs. Jr Blades Weekend Ice Cap

The Eels Premier Team Sweeps the Jr Blades in weekend end home and away series.

This was the first weekend between the two clubs and to say the least it lived up to the fierce rivalry between the two teams. They were tough battles and the both teams played extremely well. These games bring out the highest level of competition in this league.


In game one the 2ndplace Jr Blades came within 1 goal from beating the Eels. It was very close indeed. At the end of regulation, the score remained tied. 3-3 It was probably the closest game the Eels Premier team had all season. Coach Scarpaci then pulled his troops tougher and regrouped them with his game plan. This is a very experienced club and they have trained hours upon hours for this precise scenario. Usually the way they play is like surgery in general. They are extremely well coached, and they don’t go out there skating aimlessly. Things are done with a purpose. Well then with 24 seconds into OT the Eels put it away to secure the win. They showed why they are in first place in their division 10 wins and 2ndin the entire league.


In game 2 we expected more of the same from the Jr Blades. But you could tell the fatigue factor had settled in and mentally it is tough to come back with an OTL after playing as hard as they did Friday night at home in front of a packed house. It is deflating. We know we have been there. It takes a little out of your game. The Eels and Blades were pretty even in the first period with the Eels pounding 20 shots on net and scoring 1 while the Blades answered with 16 shots but no goal on the board. The skating legs were there for both the intensity factor was there and one would have thought it was going to be another game like Friday. However, in period 2 the Eels threaded the needle 4 times to on the Blades. The difference was the Eels shut the door as well. Again, the shots were even but the Eels denied the goals.

In period 3 the Blades showed they wouldn’t quit. Their players always show resolve and fortitude. They are a well-coached team as well and they are a dedicated group of guys.  They kept coming and that is the way they play. Right to the final buzzer. They managed to score 2 goals, but the Eels reciprocated with 3 more of their own to bring the tally 8-2.


It was a good weekend for the Premier team. They now sit 10-2 for the season. They are 1stin the Florida Division 2ndover all in the league. They are 2ndin GF and amongst the top 2 in GA for teams playing 10 or more games. This weekend we host the Atlanta Mad Hatters Saturday and Sunday

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