Florida Eels Premier Team Takes On The Jr. Blades Friday Night At Hertz Arena

Guys come join us this Friday night as the Florida Eels take on the Jr Blades. It is an unusual schedule as only the Premier team will play this Friday as it is a make up game from earlier this season. If you recall the Eels and Jr Blades had to cancel a previously scheduled Premier game to accommodate Atlanta’s make up with the Eels when the Madhatters’ bus broke down.

This weekend at the Premier level has some significant consequences for both the Jr. Blades and Tampa. The Jr Blades who have 37 points sit in 4th place while Tampa sits 3rd place with 39 points. Both the Jr Blades and Tampa play the Eels this weekend. Blades Friday Tampa Sunday. The Jr Blades are looking to upstart the Eels and tie Tampa. Tampa is also looking to cancel the Eels and move ahead in the standings over the Blades. Next weekend the Eels have a double header vs the Jr Blades while Tampa has a pair vs the Atlanta Madhatters who are essentially eliminated  from the playoffs seeded in 5th and impossible to gain ground with only 26 points.

For the Eels they hold a fix as they have 61 points well above the  2nd place Charleston Colonials who appear to have a strong hold on 2nd seed. But you can count on the Eels to be bringing their A game this weekend and next. The Eels culture is not built on complacency nor entitlement. The coaches and players take nobody for granted and never take any opponent for granted. They take every game seriously. One shift at a time one period at a time. You would never know from the Eels daily training they won the regular season Divisionally nor that they are 1st seed in playoffs. They are focused and determined as ever. They are in playoff mode.

Come join us at Hertz Arena 9:00pm Friday night and back home on Sunday  vs Tampa at 1:15 pm at the Fort Myers Skatium

The Elite team plays Sunday at 10:15 am vs Tampa

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