Eels Elite Showdown For 1st Place vs the Tampa Juniors Sunday morning

It could all come down to Sunday’s game


The Event: The Florida Eels Elite team vs the Tampa Juniors.

The venue: The Fort Myers Skatium.

The Time: 10:15 am

The Date: Sunday February 16, 2020

The Consequence:

The Eels are in 1stplace. They hold the 1stseed for the Florida Division playoffs. A position they held on to for the entire season.  Yes, the entire season. The Eels have 52 points. The Tampa Juniors have 47 points. That is a 5-point spread. The Eels wins over the Tampa Juniors  last weekend helped secure this narrow lead. The Eels and Tampa have 3 games remaining in the season including this critical game between the two  teams on Sunday. If the Eels lose all 3 games and Tampa wins all 3 Tampa takes the lead. On the other hand, if the Eels secure a single point the Eels capture 1stplace and consequentially the 1stseed in the playoffs.


The  1stseed will play the 4thseed in the playoffs. The 2ndseed will square off vs the 3rdseed. The way it stands now the 4thseed is the Charleston Colonials and the 4thseed is the Atlanta Manhaters. Quite frankly, both the Colonials and Manhaters are both pretty good teams and the Eels have played them about the same all season. They played 8 games against the Manhaters and 3 vs the Colonials. Both teams have been playing very good hockey of late. The Eels players nor coaches are overly focused on who we will play at this point. Our game plan and preparation will be the same.


What makes the games against Tampa and the remaining 2 vs the Jr Blades next weekend  is that the Eels have been “mind set” that we are to treat them like they are part of the playoff race. Playoff mentality. Play hard play with determination and everything is on the line. Leave everything on the ice and empty the tank.  Play like there is no tomorrow because in the playoffs… there is no tomorrow if we don’t win today. Of course, we would be remiss to say that in the back of each Eels Elite players’ mind WE WANT 1STPLACE. WE WANT TO WIN THE FLORIDA DIVISION. WE OWNED IT ALL SEASON. One thing that folks don’t realize is you can play Juniors and college hockey and never have the opportunity to win your Division, never reach the playoffs and never get the opportunity to compete for a National title. These all mean something. You cannot take for  granted that you will someday reach this plateau again. The boys are realizing in part now the fruits of their hard work all season. It has not been easy. It has been extremely hard, and they have endured. Training that often exceeded 3+ hours per day with enormous sacrifices. But it is why they came here.


Please join us for Sunday’s game at home vs the Tampa Juniors at 10:15 am

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