Florida Eels Premier Team Scorching Hot at Nationals

The Florida Eels Premier team entered this year’s USPHL Nationals as the 2nd seed out of the Florida Division. A pretty unfamiliar position for the Eels who have been the perineal leaders for most of a decade in the powerful Florida Division. Moreover, the Eels  have done extremely well at the USPHL Nationals finishing in the semi-finals and finals year in and year out. This season, the Eels have faced adversity and had to overcome injuries and other obstacles that positioned them in the 2nd spot in the regular season standings. But the Eels coaches, GM and players offer no excuses. They know their mission, their job and goals.  They never let these or anything else derail them. We will do the final analysis “on the ice”.

Some say they come in “mad”. No….they rely on what they have been taught as early as in  August and for some 2 or 3 years. No other team undergoes 3-4 weeks of training camp 7 hours per day…No other team trains 4-5 hours per day 5 days per week…..No other team has the unwavering determination, dedication and commitment as these boys. They not only have the developed skill set they have the emotional maturity to be the best. Indeed,  college coaches come visit our teams regularly and watch them even more on Flohockey. The constant and consistent remarks from the college coaches is that our guys play the right way. It is not all about “winning and cheating for offense” It is about teaching them to play the right way. To play as future college players. That is what you will find with each and everyone of our players. Each line is built the same way. Each player has it engrained in their inner fiber.

Folks at the Nationals witness it first hand at the end of each game. The college coaches are lined up at the Eels lockerroom to talk and recruit our Eels players. GM Scarpaci says now that sys it all. In the hallways around the rink, in the scouting booths, the buzz words are Eels culture and their systematic style of play. They never quit…. Never count them out. GM Scarpaci says the heart and soul of his team comes from what his son,  Frankie Scarpaci as head coach and his coaching staff of Jonathan Carlson, Bryan Miller, Mitch Hill and Cale Cookenmaster do with these guys. They are relentless in their preparation. As much as the boys do daily, these guys add countless ours dissecting every aspect of the game from helping our players to dissecting each opponent.

The Eels have done quite well in the seeding round. They defeated the Potomac Patriots in game one in OT.  The Patriots  were  ranked 3rd over all in the regular season and was the top seed in the tough Southeast Division. When folks had us as the underdog in that game, it  proved to be a catalyst for the boys to drive even harder. And that is exactly what we did coming back from a 2-goal deficit to gain the win in OT.

In game two of the seeding round, we defeated the MJDP who were the top program in the Midwest East finishing the season in 1st place. In fact the MJDP was ranked # 9 overall compared to the Eels who were ranked 21st in the USPHL regular season. Again the Eels disregarded the regular season standings. It was all about the 60 minutes of hockey before them. This team is built to win. From every player. We focus on the shift in front of them. Win your shift. Then win the next. Then win your period and the next. If we get scored on we don’t panic. If we get a penalty, we don’t panic. This is what real life is about. Handle the situation. Trust yourselves and your teammates.

Today we face the Ontario Jr Reign. They were ranked # 8 in the regular season. They play in the Pacific Division. In the seeding round they are 13th. Well, our guys will be ready for action in tonight’s game. 5 pm start. Go Eels…..

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