Florida Eels Premier and Elite Squads Calm Typhoon Wind with 2 Clear and Convincing Wins in Palm Beach

Florida  Eels Premier and Elite Squads Calm Typhoon Wind with 2 Clear and Convincing Wins in Palm Beach 


Well, the NHL may be back but if you are looking for the hottest and most exciting hockey program in Florida, come and see the Florida Eels.  There you will see two teams who set the standard when it comes to laying everything on the ice. This Friday both teams met up with the Palm Beach Typhoon In Palm Beach. The Typhoon is the newest program in the Florida Division. They have been hot of late with some big wins. However, the Typhoon soon learned the depth and fortitude of the Eels from the Premier team to the Elite squad.


The Eels were off for 2 weeks. So they were bound to be a bit off and rusty. They practiced and trained 3-4 hours per day during their hiatus but game timing was expected to be a bit off. Moreover, many folks were concerned about the Friday double header were away games. It proved to be a wrong. One thing people did not understand is Palm Beach for over 15 years was a home away from home. In fact, despite many years of hosting the Palm Beach Hawks, the Eels were in fact  fan favorites for many Palm Beach fans. Many of our players came from South Florida and last night was no different. There were more than 30-40 locals cheering on the Eels. Moreover, the Fort Myers fans traveled to Palm Beach to watch and support their Eels. In fact there were over 75 Florida Eels fans there on Friday. That was great and no doubt help propel both the Eels Premier and Elite team.


The Premier played first and came out strong.  The Eels outshot the Typhoon 12 -3 in the 1st period, with 2 unanswered goals. In the 2nd the shots were even 11-12 but the Eels out scored the Typhoon with 3 more goals to 1, and  in the 3rd period the Eels out gunned 16-11 the shots but each team scored 2 each to complete the scoring 7-3 Eels.


In net, Duncan Rolleman   for the Eels held us in there weathering any consistent threat by the Typhoon. He was solid and strong.


Scoring went as follows:


1st Period-1, Florida Eels, Karlstrom 3   5:58. 2, Florida Eels, Zebley 1 (Karlstrom, Hambling), 9:13. Penalties-Choueiri Pbt (interference), 14:21.

2nd Period-3, Florida Eels, Karlstrom 4 (Gaudet, Kozden), 5:39. 4, Palm Beach Typhoon, Lampen 9 (Dufort, Choueiri), 7:13. 5, Florida Eels, Gaudet 2 (Moore, Hambling), 14:29. 6, Florida Eels, Budgell 4 (Voyda, Kiyawasew), 18:43 (PP). Penalties-Patterson Eel (hooking), 9:11; DavIdson Eel (interference), 12:23; Karlstrom Eel (interference), 15:38; Saurbaugh Pbt (major -face mask, game misconduct), 17:35.

3rd Period-7, Florida Eels, Haddon-Harris 4 (Voyda), 0:34. 8, Palm Beach Typhoon, Morris 5   1:24. 9, Florida Eels, Voyda 1 (Kiyawasew, Haddon-Harris), 7:34 (PP). 10, Palm Beach Typhoon, Hartje 1 (Brace, Morris), 8:17. Penalties-Moore Eel (elbowing), 4:40; Brace Pbt (interference), 7:02; Patterson Eel (roughing), 9:17; Morris Pbt (high-sticking), 9:17; Hambling Eel (roughing), 16:25; Brace Pbt (major -slashing, game misconduct), 16:25.

Shots on Goal-Florida Eels 12-11-16-39. Palm Beach Typhoon 3-12-11-26.
Power Play Opportunities-Florida Eels 2 / 0; Palm Beach Typhoon 0 / 0.
Goalies-Florida Eels, Rolleman 3-0-0-1 (26 shots-23 saves). Palm Beach Typhoon, La Forge 0-3-0-0 (39 shots-32 saves).


On the Elite side, boy did these young men show resolve. On their way to the game their bus was in an accident. Thank God everyone was safe.  The boys were running late. You know all things were not in sync. Well the boys got off to a rough start coupled with being off for 2 weeks. Palm Beach out shot the Eels 16-9. You could see things were not a bit disjointed. Passes were off. The trigger was off. Although the Eels scored 1st we were in a deficit 2-1 at the end of the 1st. In the 2nd period the Eels looked a lot like themselves and out gunned the Typhoon 22-12 and Braeden Bzovey for the Eels tied things up 2-2. In the 3rd period the Typhoon responded the way they did vs. Atlanta and the Jr Blades. An incredible 13 shots to 11 for the Eels. Palm Beach wouldn’t quit. But neither would the Eels. They took over putting 4 more goals passed the Palm Beach netminder.  In net for the Eels was Devin Selleck who played strong for the Eels slamming the door shut keeping the Eels in the game.


Scoring set forth below:


1st Period-1, Florida Eels, Ingalls 1 (Ward, Engles), 0:14. 2, Palm Beach Typhoon, Jackson 1 (Synowski, Taskila), 9:37 (PP). 3, Palm Beach Typhoon, Murano 2 (Zamiello, Curry), 16:18 (PP). Penalties-Weisenberger Pbt (interference), 1:44; Corbett Eel (cross-checking), 6:10; Campbell Eel (slashing), 7:49; Ward Eel (interference), 14:20; Murano Pbt (boarding), 16:53.

2nd Period-4, Florida Eels, Bzovey 3 (ClIngerman, Ward), 7:14 (PP). Penalties-Kennedy Pbt (hooking), 0:23; Cederblom Pbt (cross-checking), 6:22; Synowski Pbt (holding), 13:09.

3rd Period-5, Florida Eels, Ward 4 (Carpenter), 1:38 (PP). 6, Florida Eels, Smyth 1 (Bzovey), 2:21. 7, Palm Beach Typhoon, Taskila 1 (Kennedy, Murano), 7:16 (PP). 8, Florida Eels, Dominique 1 (Bzovey, Evanyk), 9:55. 9, Florida Eels, Smyth 2 (Robb), 15:29. 10, Palm Beach Typhoon, Curry 2 (Zamiello, Jackson), 18:50. Penalties-Dunlap Pbt (indirect head contact), 1:25; Diaz Eel (interference), 6:25; Ward Eel (tripping), 16:28.

Shots on Goal-Florida Eels 9-22-13-44. Palm Beach Typhoon 16-8-14-38.
Power Play Opportunities-Florida Eels 2 / 0; Palm Beach Typhoon 3 / 0.
Goalies-Florida Eels, Selleck 1-1-0-0 (38 shots-34 saves). Palm Beach Typhoon, Libutti 1-1-0-0 (44 shots-38 saves).



This Elite team showed enormous fortitude and resolve. What character. They showed they were not going to be flustered and had the determination to come back from behind.


This was a solid weekend for the Eels. We complete the home and away series on Sunday at home. The Elite play at 10:30 am and the Premier at 1:00 pm Come and join us at the Fort Myers Skatium or on Hockey TV.

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