Florida Eels Elite Team Defeated the Jr Blades 5-4 In Thurdays Rematch

Eels Now Up 6 Points Over Tampa Juniors

The Florida Eels Elite Team Avenge Loss to Jr Blades last Sunday With A Strong Game This Past Thursday


The Eels Elite team came out on fire this past Thursday with a high tempo performance to show why they have held on to 1stplace in its Florida Division the entire season. The Eels just came off a phenomenal showing at the Main USPHL College Showcase two weeks ago earning 7 of 8 points going 3-0-1. But had a hiccup last Sunday with a loss in a shootout vs cross town rivals the Jr Blades. But they knew they should have never fallen in that match. And this past week the boys were put on track and re-energized with a purpose and determination to garner the win.


The Eels Elite squad last week went into 2nd3rdand 4thgear. They went back to basics and beyond.  They heightened the practice sessions and broke down their game and many others. To say they had a game plan would be an understatement. It is not that they lost. Because losses will be part of any team’s season. It simply was evident they did not play up to our standards.


Well, the boys responded and showed everyone Hertz Arena they were determined to win. They would go into the Blades barn and do what they have been doing this entire season. WIN. They have held on to 1stplace the entire season and floated in the top 6 in the entire league this entire season. This is impressive. And that is what their effort was impressive.


The determination was written all over the boys faces. You can see the thirst and hunger at the warmups. This is a dedicated group of guys and they were unwavering in their effort to get back on track. They wanted a regular season to win and they did just that.


Scoring was as follows:

7:08 FJB Dylan Hultberg (7) ASST: Colton Attisano (2), Xavier Legros (7)
11:41 EEL Etienne Castonguay (1) ASST: Gavin Medina (24) (SH)
13:56 EEL TJ McLeod (7) ASST: Mikhail Melikov (11)
17:41 FJB Matthew Scribner (9) ASST: Andrew Frost (15) (PP)
5:19 EEL Adam Burtzlaff (13) ASST: Tanner Smith (14), Mikhail Melikov (12) (PP)
5:37 FJB Jacob Gusty (5) ASST: Andrew Frost (16)
10:45 EEL Mikhail Melikov (15) ASST: Gavin Medina (25), Anthony Sozio IV (12)
16:46 FJB Blake Maynard (3) ASST: Matthew Walters (3)
18:13 EEL Mikhail Melikov (16) ASST: Matthew Clift (15)

In net turning away 45 of 49 shoots was Alexandre Caron and Andrew
Van Ooteghemwho played approximately 10 minutes.

The Eels now sit with 46 points and Tampa is in 2ndwith 40 points having been swept by the Madhatters this weekend. The Jr Blades fell to 5thplace and are battling the Colonials for that 4thand final playoff spot.

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