Florida Eels Elite and Premier Teams Defeat Tampa On Sunday to Avenge Friday Night’s Setbacks

The Florida Eels Premier and Elite teams come back at home with two solid wins on Sunday after given up 2 disappointing games Friday in Tampa. No excuses for the setbacks. Everyone knew we played bad. And we recognize losses are part of the game. Some say it is that time of the year. The late January grind. After two grueling Showcases in December and early January. The grueling travel with two tips to Boston two to Atlanta and one to Charleston. These are not easy endeavors. We train 5 days per week Often 3-4 hours per day. And for many of our guys the Christmas break does not mean going home to say Massachusetts or Michigan it means traveling back to Russia Latvia Slovakia and the alike. Then the flu that hit about a dozen of our players. So Ya we get it. We will suffer a bit of a setback now and then.


But on the upside, all this is why we train harder and longer than any other team. This is what makes our players stronger and more equipped. If you look at the best athletes in the world and see their regime. Their training their work ethic. What makes them the best what separates them from the pack. That is our mirror. No doubt we have the commitment level the determination and the fortitude. After Friday’s losses we did not as an organization chalk it up as an “Oh well” Nor did we bag the guys or come unglued. To the contra ray. We regrouped at the Skatium. Our home and got back on track with a workout. Then we reviewed video and had chalk talk. GM Scarpaci spoke to the boys about refocusing.  Knowing who we are where we came from and where we are going. Yes, we are in 1stplace but let’s not let the Future get in the way of present task and the future. You are good but we can’t sit on our laurels. He showed the accomplishments of other great hockey teams and their mental state and believability and the compete level that has to be constantly maintained. The coaches reviewed the game and made some adjustments.


Well on Sunday this physical and mental boost was evident from the drop of the puck. Both Eels teams showed why they are in 1stand have been all season long. Two very impressive wins. Great job guys We were very proud of your efforts and you can see it in your faces you all were too.


We are back to work this morning.  Both teams have their eye on the Prize.

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