Eels Premier team takes 2 out of 3 From Atlanta whereas the Elite Held to 1-2


The Eels had a tough 6 game series in Atlanta GA where the Premier and Elite squads took on the Madhatters for a 3 game series. These were pretty tough games. The Madhatters were the most improved set of teams we have played this season. No doubt the Eels and Madhatters battled for every inch of the ice. The Eels Premier team were successful in 2 of the 3 games. They had to make a few adjustments after this r loss in game one. No doubt the Eels premier team were dominate in game 2 and 3 and took the Madhatters to school. However, the Elite team was held to 1 win but an impressive one at that. It won 1-0 and the game kept everyone close to the TV or benches as each period each minute and each second clicked.

The Elite team saw a very different style of play by the Madhatters and they learned from it. We saw this when they came to Florida back in September but there the Eels won 2 of the 3 games. There is no doubt these guys can play and they bring and extremely physical style of play to the ice.

The boys were a bit banged up on both organizations and this is underscored when you compete in a 3 game series.

The Eels retuned early Monday morning 3:00 am and will now face off vs their cross town rivals the Florida Jr Blades Saturday at Hertz Arena and home on Sunday.

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