Duncan Rolleman Leads Eels Premier team to a 4-1 Win Over the Atlanta Mad Hatters to Complete Their 3-0 Sweep of the Weekend Series.

Duncan Rolleman Leads Eels Premier team to a 4-1 Win Over the Atlanta Mad Hatters to Complete Their 3-0 Sweep of the Weekend Series.


Wow A complete performance the entire weekend for the Eels Premier team as they out gunned the Hatters 17-5 in the 3 game series.  Sunday was a real test. A test to see how good the Eels Premier team really was. We witnessed on Friday how determined these guys were overcoming the 13+ hour bus trip and delays. They had every reason to slip, fall and quit. But that was furthest from their DNA. In Fact, we expected the Hatters to have a jump on us with the fatigue factor, but the Eels turned things up and came out on fire. They were running on adrenaline you could say. But in all reality, it was their conditioning and skill that brought their game to this level.  A resounding 7-2 win. That was indeed impressive. I think they stunned the Hatters who had to think the Eels would have no legs and mentally spent.  The Win  set the tone for Saturday.


You could see that Saturday, the Hatters were still unraveled about their set back of Friday and did not fully re-gain their composure. The Eels continued to smothered them on the forecheck and with their aerial attack and high-octane offense. And when it came to defense and the back check the Hatters got no relief as the Eels equally suffocated them. The Eels netminders were again unstoppable with their 2nd two goal against performance.  In game one and three by Rolleman and  in game two by Alex Caron.


What was one of their strongest performances of the weekend was on Sunday. The Premier team Eclipsed the Hatters in that game 4-1. But the score does not reflect the Eels’ play. Their attack was sustained continuous and relentless. Credit to the Hatters goalie who may have turned away at least another ½ dozen point blank sure goals. The difficulty of defeating a team three times in a weekend is near impossible. The enormity here was significant.


These were 3 extremely solid performances against a gritty team who has solid talent. The Mad Hatters continued pressing right to the final buzzer in each game. They never quit. There is a lot of character amongst their Premier and Elite squads alike. They simply ran into a red-hot Eels set of teams who used and turned adversity into a plus rather than allow it to unravel them. This is one hell of a rivalry that will continue to grow and mature as strong organizations do. We thank them for their hospitality and weekend games.

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