Who Are The Mask Men Backstopping the Premier team?

Who Are The Mask Men Backstopping the Premier team?

For years the Eels goaltenders have dominated in the USPHL. Last season one of our netminders was referred to by Dan K as the “Best Goalie on the Planet” On the Elite team our goaltenders had incredible records notching 13 and 14 shutouts respectfully between them. Several of our goalies played in the World Juniors. One of our goalies was on the NHL “Watch List to be drafted” Another went off to play in The USA National Development team.

Well, who are these “back stoppers” this year on the Premier side?

Well in the forefront is none other than Duncan Rolleman from New Hamburg ONT. Canada. A 2nd year veteran of the Florida Eels. Duncan is a big guy at 6’6” 235 lbs. he takes up a lot of net. He supports that size with phenomenal skill set. Despite his size he has incredible quickness. Lightning glove and swift pads. He plays with a high compete level and has a high hockey IQ. Very disciplined on and off the ice. A true student of the game. When you talk with this young man you get to know him. Great personality. Very respectful. He is very dedicated to his team and extremely determined. Although he is very intense you can see he does not get overly excited. He knows how to relax and play cool. Does not get flustered. He is ultimate team player. He comes in this year as a veteran. He garnered significant experience last season as he partnered to backstop the Eels to a Divisional title, Playoff Championship and advancing to the Semi-Finals at Nationals.

This season Duncan is looking to create his own legacy. He is looking to continue with the Eels success of winning 11 Divisional Titles and Playoff Championships. He is hungry to win. His focus is not just to advance to Nationals but his mission is to win it all. To bring the National Gold to Fort Myers. You can see the fire in his eyes. These are not lofty goals for him. It is deeply engrained in his DNA

Jake Mork out of Neenah, WI,

A 3rd year veteran of the Eels Great size at 6’2” 175 pounds. Talk about veteran status: He has it. He has tremendous skill set and has the stats to back it up.

Last year in 18 games he 1.88 GAA and a .938 Sav.% He had 13 shutouts. He had incredible numbers in High School with a 1.70 GAA He has been groomed for this. The Eels are not an easy team to play for and Jake realizes this. We treat it like college. You have to perform. No gimmees. He was feared last year by every team he faced knowing that a shutout is likely to come about. Even in the playoffs they blanked the Mad Hatters throughout the series, “Icewater” runs in his veins. Plays with a very high compete level and cool as cucumber Last year he stonewalled his team to a Divisional Championship and Playoff Championship and a berth to Nationals. This year he is looking to go the distance. He does not just want to go to the Prom He wants to Dance so to speak and that means “WIN IT ALL”

As an individual, Jake is a high character young man. Tremendous work ethic. Best team guy. Always respectful. Very determined to win,. Funny personality. All about the Eels.

Tobias (Toby) Bell. Toby comes to the Eels as a 2003 rookie from Summit, NJ. At 6’0 165 lbs. he is fast and possess outstanding skill set. He was scouted by the Eels for 2 years. We liked what we saw and Toby joined the Eels over the Spring and Summer in the Eels Pre Draft and Sr, Chowder Cup series. We were extremely impressed with his performance and knew with bringing him in we could advance him to the Next Level. We can see he plays with an extraordinary high compete level Sees the puck very well. Has outstanding reelects, strong rebound control and lightning-fast pad saves and glove. And Stops The Puck!!! He too plays cool calm and collective. He has the burning desire to win. You can tell this kid loves the game and the game loves him.

As an individual he posses the highest of character. Salt of the earth individual. He is earnest and a strong team player.

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