Week 2 Kicks Off With 2 Scrimmages on Monday

The guys get tested in 2 scrimmage games giving each player and the coaches a snap shot of where they are

Week 2 started off with two scrimmages where the coaches and players got a barometer of where the players are. This will also show the players what some of their strengths and weaknesses are. We have much work to do and this was an excellent forum for everyone to get focused and  even more determined in their efforts and resolve to bring their game to the Next Level.

For many of the guys they never played junior hockey and more so at this level. The speed the reaction is so much heightened. The time and space is taken away. In this small sample size they see why we are stressing the need to be quicker and more explosive. It is not enough to be ok. It is not enough to have skill. It is not enough to be pumping iron in the gym so to speak. Here you have to put it all together with a strong hockey IQ. Indeed, that is why the coaches have been spending so much time in the classroom hoping and intending to elevate their understanding of the game and specifically the Eels game.

After today’s scrimmage all of the players had the bridge run. Again stressing endurance. We should look for another strong week of training

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