Today-Eels Premier and Elite Take on The Jr Blades

Florida Div games have huge consequences in the standings

Today Florida Eels Junior Hockey Premier team squares off against the Florida Jr Blades 3:20 pm drop of puck. Elite takes on the Blades 9;20 pm

The Blades have been on fire of late having a strong performance at the USPHL winter showcase in Tampa. The Eels Premier team also on fire winning huge games against Northern teams. The Eels Premier sits comfortably in 1st place in its division with 46 points. The Blades are in 3rd with 34 points But it isn’t first place that is motivating the Blades. On their heals are the Palm Beach Typhoon with 33 points as are the Madhatters with 33 points. Moreover, Tampa just inches them ahead with 35. So today’s game will give them some day light and over take Tampa or allow the Typhoon to overtake them if the Typhoon over take the Eels on Sunday

To spice things up Atlanta plays Nashville this weekend for a two a two game series.

This isis all too close for comfort but allows for so much movement

The Eels are in the spoiler spot for many of these teams. The odd thing is one of these teams will be excluded from the playoffs coming the end of February. Each one of these games is key to their future

isisOn the Elite side simply put the Eels will be looking to avenge its loss of Wed. The Eels fell to the Blades in OT 8-7. This simply was not our game, not the way we play and not what was or is acceptable. It does not matter that the Eels are in 1st or that the Blades are in last in the standings. The Eels simply did not play well. You can be rest assured they will NOT come out today like that says GM Scarpaci

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