This Weekend The Florida Eels vs the Tampa Juniors

The anticipation has been brewing. It is an unusual year as the Florida Eels and the Tampa Juniors usually have played at least a home and away series by now. In fact in most years they were the opening weekend for both clubs. Tampa’s Premier team has played 15 games compared to the Eels who only played 9. The same is true in the Elite Division. That is a 6-game spread. Even after this weekend series there will remain a 6-game differential. If the Eels win all 6 of those games that would be 12 points. At present Tampa has 9 wins 5 losses and 1 tie for 19 points. The Eels have 8 wins and 1 tie for 17 points.


That is incredible for the Eels. Just two points behind Tampa and they played 6 fewer games. Indeed, the Eels have had a strong showing out of the gate. They have done so by defeating some of the best teams in the South such as the defending National Champs, the Charlotte Rush, The Hampton Road Whalers, the Potomac Patriots, the Palm Beach Typhoon, and the Florida Junior Blades.


Tampa and the Eels always play very well against one another. These two programs have always been evenly matched and bring out the best in one another. Both full of highly skilled and competitive guys. Last season it came down to the final game of the season to determine who would come out in 1st place. In the Premier Division and it was extremely close in the Elite Division as well. Well folks this is their first outing of the season. A home and away series. The Eels are looking to gain 4 points and overtake Tampa for first place in the Division. There are so many unknowns this weekend. We have not even had a chance to see them except shortly at the Southeast Showcase in Raleigh and on HockeyTV.  We know one thing for sure. That the Division is full with unknows. Atlanta has shown they can beat anyone as have the Jr Blades, Tampa and the new franchise – the Palm Beach Typhoon. You know the Eels coaching staff and our players have it engrained in our DNA that we take no team for granted and won’t be complacent in their approach this weekend. We look for the Eels to come out strong and they are hungry, focused as ever. Additionally, not to look too far ahead, the Eels are looking to capture the 6 points they have in hand against Tampa in the upcoming weeks.


On the Elite side Tampa has played 15 games won 10 for 20 points. The Eels have played 9 games won 7 lost 2 for 14 points. Like the Premier the difference is a magic 6 points and a 6 game differential


On Friday the Elite team plays first in Tampa at 5:30 pm and the Premier team plays 2nd at 8:15 pm They return home for Sunday’s games at the Ft Myers Skatium Elite at 10:30 am and Premier at 1:00 pm Join us live or on HockeyTv

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