The Most Dramatic Comeback in Junior Hockey Premier Team over DME

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The Most Dramatic Comeback Ever In Junior Hockey.


Well the setting was set. The Eels traveled to Daytona for its first game of the weekend home and away series. The Eels knew that quite a bit was riding on the line. The Eels have always been the dominate team in Florida and they sat 4 points behind DME in the standings. They wanted to sweep DME and capture the 4 points and take over 1stplace. DME has played one more game than the Eels so that would have given the Eels the edge. But things did not go just their way in Daytona. The Eels lost 2-1. The boys had an incredible 3rdperiod and in fact pulled their goalie in the last 2 minutes. The puck was in DME’s zone almost the entire 3rdperiod. But the Eels were stalled and the boys came home without the 2 points.


Sunday the Premier team was out to avenge their loss of Friday evening. The boys rested on Saturday from their 5 hour trip back on Friday night. They were poised hungry as determined as ever. It was written all over their faces. The rink was packed with a very good crowd from Fort Myers Estero and Cape Coral. A very exciting atmosphere. The puck dropped and the wheels feel off. Within the first 6  minutes of play the Eels were down by 3 goals. There was a goalie change and bang another went in and now with 11 minutes into the game the Eels are down by 4.


You would think at this point the Eels bench would reflect negativity. Poor attitudes players coming unraveled. No way. It was amazing. Coach Frankie Scarpaci and Alex Sanchez had their troops under control. The players were not going to allow this to happen. They were battling every shift like the game was 0-0. They were not throwing in the towel.


The  1stperiod  came to an end and what you saw and heard in this locker-room was nothing short of incredible. Every player’s face was more determined than ever. They were not going to accept a loss. Losing was not an option. These kids bought in to what Coach Scarpaci has been telling them. The situation they were in was very typical in life. Sometimes a wheel falls off the car. Sometimes you lose your job. Sometimes things just don’t go as you planned despite all of the training and preparation. The real question was what do you do about it? This would be a defining moment in their life. Sure coaches always talk about teams that made come backs but here they get to decide. They get to write their own script. They get to show the entire world what their character was made of.


Well folks the Eels came storming back. Hayden Haldane sent the message loud and clear to DME. We won’t go down. He hit 3 different players on the same shift and those hits were as clean as you ever wanted to see. Text book hits. But man oh man. He was like a freight train. Then came the forecheck Relentless systematic and continuous. A complete denial on the back check saying no to DME in any attempt to generate their offense.


Then the scoring.




Gabriel Hemstrom : Jared FigueroaLukas Aaw  (PP) got on the board first.

Yan Kalinovskiy  ASST: Filip Skorec , JP Montmarquette  Yan’s first of 2 and showing folks why he was selected as Player of The Month

Jacob Handfast ASST: Jared Figueroa)  Filip Skorec Jacob continuing to tear it up over the last month also a Player of the Week recipient.

Cameron Carnes  ASST: Gage McNeish , Colton Crabtree  Cam getting the tying goal. Our Captain showing leadership.

Yan Kalinovskiy  ASST: Colton Crabtree , Hayden Haldane  (PP) Yan his 2ndof the afternoon and go ahead goal.

Demeed Podrezov  ASST: Nikita Pinimyasov , Gabriel Hemstrom  Deemed his 1stof 3 for the night.

Demeed Podrezov ASST: Nikita Pinimyasov , Lukas Aaw  (PP)

Demeed Podrezov  ASST: Nikita Pinimyasov , Gabriel Hemstrom ) (PP) Deemed completing his hat trick first of the season for him.


Guys  a big congrats to  Nahuel Veyanour Elite goalie who was called up and he did a remarkable job stopping 28 of 29 shots.


Folks this was a game of “Will, Determination and fortitude. A game these boys will remember for the rest of their lives. It showed they had the will and determination and heart to overcome any odds” quoted Head Coach Frankie Scarpaci. He stated this was a life lesson and we did it in hockey but it is something they had control over. He sated he was never more proud of any moment he had in coaching”


This was the most dramatic comeback every in Junior hockey.

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