The Key To the Elite Team’s Success is An Integration of Veterans and Rookies

Thisi is a very fast team with high skill set

The Eels Elite team had traditionally been on the older side. Often times as many as 50% of the team aging out to college. This year the Eels builds this Elite team  with a mixture in mind. Two veteran 01 players 10 02’s and the remained of the 28 man roster 03-05’s The concept was high end skill set speed and emphasis on youth. The recipe here proved positive. Our team is on a 15 game winning streak and in sole possession of 1st place in the Florida Division and 2nd over all in the USPHL Elite Conference.

The veteran 01 and 02  players have helped enormously the rookies who came in. To give them advise lend wisdom and impart discipline. The younger guys offer quickness and lightning speed. A very high tempo game is always put forth by the Eels Elite players.  The attitude you are not playing for yourself but the guys in the room. The boys are focused not self impressed. Hard work and determination the attitude. All efforts focused on Playoffs. Not looking beyond that. Nothing is being taken for granted.

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