The Florida Eels Premier Team Swept the Madhatters in their 3 Game Home Opener.

17 GF 7 GA It tells the story

The Eels  Premier team came out on fire this past weekend with a scorching 19 goal onslaught against the Atlanta Madhatters in the Eels home opener. A 3 game homestead. .

The Eels Premier team showed why they underwent 28 days of training;  what 5-7 hours  per day of ice,  off-ice,  gym,  video sessions and 3 scrimmages proved.

These boys were dialed in and were as determined and dedicated as ever. GM Scarpaci echoed I want them November ready in September. And that is what they were

Head Coach Frankie Scarpaci expects a lot from his players. It is not easy to play for the Eels. And many players cannot handle to task handed to them. But the guys that are here can. They are hungry as ever and came out in their first trilogy of games to show the league they are the team to be reckoned with.  They have size, speed, experience and heart. This is an organization with a rich and storied legacy and the new and old want to mark their place in Eels history

cannot The smothering forecheck and relentless back check. experience Look at the goals against :7 in 3 games this early in the season.

Great job guys

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