The Florida Eels play host to the Atlanta Mad Hatters This Weekend.

The Florida Eels play host to the Atlanta Mad Hatters This Weekend.


The Eels Premier and Elite teams come home to the Fort Myers Skatium after an away series vs the Charleston Colonials. The Eels Premier team won one and lost in OT to pick up 3 of 4 points. The Elite team swept the Colonials in the 2-game series. Thus, the Eels brought home 7 of 8 points on the weekend.


The Eels Premier team is in 1stplace in the Florida Division and 2ndover all in the league. After 2 solid months they hold on to this spot. They are 2ndover all in GF and amongst the league leaders in GA


By the same token the Eels Elite enjoy their first-place position in the Florida Division by a similar large margin and they too are 2ndover all in the league. They hold #1 in GF and a very impressive GA amongst the league. This is most impressive when you consider the Eels have 18 rookies on this squad.


Folks the Eels won’t be taking the Atlanta Mad Hatters for granted. In their last outing the Eels were upset losing 3 of the 4 contests. The Elite being swept at home. Ouch to say the least. We have too much pride too much talent and simply should never had taken those wins for granted. One thing for sure and it was a hard lesson to learn, any team can beat any team in this league. That is a hard and cold fact. One lesson the Eels needed to experience as when it comes to playoffs it is the best 2 out of 3 to move on and advance to Nationals. We treat all of our series in that respect. These are all training games in our eyes and minds.


This past weekend the Eels rebounded and played hard and this should and will transcend to the guys this weekend. We saw some pretty good goals and some solid defense and some outstanding goaltending. This week as evidence by today’s practice will not be a light one. Yes, they had Monday off, but it was a resting period. We are training very hard for the upcoming games. Yes, we have Boston in a few weeks, but we are not looking too far ahead. All eyes and focus are on the game’s vs the Mad Hatters.

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