The Florida Eels Organization is thrilled to Announce the re-signing of Anthony Zebley.

The Florida Eels organization is thrilled to announce the re-signing of Anthony Zebley. Zebley has been a part of the Florida Eels program for three years, starting in the USPHL Elite Division before making the jump to the USPHL-Premier. Zebley’s progression as a player has been impressive, going from scoring 11 points in his first season to earning 25 points in 34 games played last season. This development shows his dedication and hard work as a player.

Head Coach Frank Scarpaci commented on Zebley’s growth, saying, “Zebs showed incredible growth from year to year. He has really rounded out his defensive game as well as started to hit his offensive stride in the second half of the season. He has such a high offensive Hockey IQ.” It is clear that Coach Scarpaci believes in Zebley’s abilities and sees him as the next wave of offensive stars for the Eels.

The Florida Eels have had a long history of successful offensive players, including Anthony’s brother TJ, and Anthony’s growth as a player shows that he has the potential to follow in their footsteps. With his high hockey IQ and dedication to improving his game, Zebley has the potential to become a key player for the Eels in the coming seasons. The team is excited to have him back and looks forward to seeing him continue to develop as a player.

Zebley’s re-signing is a testament to the Florida Eels organization’s commitment to player development. By providing players like Zebley with the support and resources they need to succeed, the Eels continue to build a strong foundation for their team. Zebley’s continued success with the Eels is a testament to the organization’s focus on developing players and creating a winning culture.

His development as a player over the past three years has been impressive, and his potential to become a key player for the Eels is clear. With the support of the organization and the coaching staff, Zebley has the potential to become a star player in the USPHL-Premier division. The team looks forward to seeing him continue to grow and develop in the coming seasons.

Overall, Anthony Zebley’s re-signing is a significant moment for the Florida Eels organization. Zebley’s growth as a player, combined with his potential, makes him a rising star in the USPHL.

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