The Florida Eels Elite Team Ice Cap

The Florida Eels Elite team won 2 of their 3 games in the weekend homestand. They won their first game against  the Atlanta Madhatters on Saturday 4-1. It was a very impressive win. The boys dominated this game from the drop of the puck. In all zones you saw the Eels swam the Madhatters. Both offensively and defensively the Eels overwhelmed their opponents. On Sunday the Eels took on the Northern Cyclones for the 3rd time since the Hub City event. On the previous two games the teams split. 1-1 But on Sunday the Cyclones edged out the Eels 2-1. Although the Eels lost this was an incredible game. Solid performances right down the line. The Cyclones are one of the top teams in the North and it was an excellent game. I wish we could play them on a regular basis. These two teams bring out the best in hockey.


On Monday the Eels went down 3-1 going into the 2nd period. Then the Madhatters scored 2 more and many thought the Eels wheels had fallen off. Some written their obituary so to speak. But that defeatist attitude does not exist in the Eels organization. Losing is not an option echoes GM Scarpaci. Coach Sanchez regrouped his team, and they went on a complete offensive attack. Premier coach Frankie Scarpaci told his defense to slam shut the door in the D Zone.  Everything was being thrown at them. The Eels scored 2 in the remaining minutes of the 2nd period and 2 more in the 3rd to even things up. The score was 5-5. The Madhatters were stung. The Game went into OT. But the Eels momentum was too much to thaw and the Eels and the Eels  scored with just 53 seconds into OT and secured the win.


Wow wow wow. Outstanding finish for the game and weekend. They went 2-1 and had an outstanding game even in the lost.

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