The Florida Eels Eclipsed by The Tampa Juniors 6-5 To Split Weekend Series.

The Florida Eels Eclipsed by The Tampa Juniors 6-5 To Split Weekend Series.


In what easily was our best two performances all season the Eels Elite team spit their weekend set of games against the Tampa Juniors. The guys continued their relentless fore-check and assault on Tampa from where they left off on Friday night in which they realized a 7-3 thrashing on the previously undefeated Tampa Elite squad. At home the boys came out with the same jump in their game and the winning attitude. All cylinders were firing, and things appeared to be going their way. In fact, twice the Eels led by two goals, but those pesky Tampa players kept edging back.


The two squads have played incredible games each match played. In the previous two games the Eels made dramatic come backs and managed to lose in OT. In fact, in one game the Eels came back from a 4-1 deficit going into the 2nd period only to lose 6-5 in OT.


In yesterday’s game the Eels were up by 1 at the 18:26 mark in the game that being less than 2 minutes and the Tampa Coach pulled their goalie   and they tied it up. Then the Tampa team put one pass the Eels team with only 5 seconds remaining for a heartbreaking loss.


This is one game that the Eels players won’t forget. The sting and loss will last a bit. Lessons to be learned here. Being up by 2 goals against Tampa – you have to shut the barn door. Second with less than a minute to give up a goal and with 5 seconds remaining – we have to be mentally tough. Secure the tie and battle it out in OT.


Well, you learn twice as much from your losses than your wins. This is evident here. We have to take this one to heart. Know what we did to win Friday night and know what we were doing to go up 2 goals on Sunday. Know how to shut the door and secure the win. These are all part of the process. The Player Development Process. That is why we train all year. Development comes not just from practices but games as well


We are very proud of our guys and the transitioning of their game. Anyone watching the Elite team seems readily apparent they are not the same team as a month ago and not even a week ago. They are improving immensely as players and a team. We look forward to the games in Atlanta.

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