The Florida Eels Are Very Excited to Announce the Re-Signing of veteran forward 6’1” 175 pounds Cameron Carnes from Taunton Massachusetts to its Premier Team.

Cameron is a 2nd year veteran with the Eels. GM Scarpaci says: “  Cam  is one of the most intense and determined young who ever suited up in an Eels uniform. His work ethic is underscored by his off-season work outs. Cam remained in Florida and he worked out every day with Premier coach Frank Scarpaci 2+ hours per day. He trained on ice working on enhancing his skills set. His dedication did not end there. He joined the Eels at 3 of the Spring Post Season Showcases in Massachusetts. The USPHL Spring Showcase and The Pro-Am NHL Pre-Draft. Cam got to play against Team Sweden, Team Euro and the Russian/Ukraine team. These were phenomenal teams made up of top prospects form around the world. Cam did so well as one of the Eels veteran players present. Cam then joined the Eels in July at the Pro-Am Sr. Chowder Cup.


These forums not only provided him with the experience of playing with and against some of the top talent in the USA Canada and Europe but also garnered tremendous exposure for him in front of college coaches. In fact, there were over 130 college and pro scouts in attendance at these venues. Cam knows how important this was for his player development. As a last year guy visibility and exposure is essential to college advancement. This is the Hallmark of the Eels. If you are not seen you are not scouted and if you are not scouted you are not recruited. Cam took the summer to develop and get noticed. Very smart young man.


Premier Coach Scarpaci says “Cam plays with so much heart. His positive energies are contagious. He fires up the guys in the locker room, in the gym and during games. Never negative. He has a work ethic unmatched. He is one of the fastest skaters in the team. Very explosive. His is very strong and outworks the opposition on the wall. This year will be a breakout year for Cam to get ready for NCAA college.”


Elite coach Alex Sanchez concludes, “Cam loves to play. Period. He gives 100% on every shift. He epitomizes the term “leave it all on the ice. “He never takes a practice or shift off. He is hungrier than anyone on the ice including both teams. His off-season presence is evident and indicative of what he is all about.”


We are all so thrilled to have Cam returning. He is an impact player and truly represents the heart and soul of what being an Eel is.

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