The Florida Eels are Thrilled to Announce the Re-Signing of Alexandre Quintal5’6” 140 lbs. from Seattle Washington.

Alexandre Quintal joined the Eels last season as a rookie out of Seattle WA. It was a huge transitional season for him. He went from Midget level to one of the top Junior leagues in the North America. The speed is so fast, the hitting is so severe, the shots are that much harder and the overall timing and intensity is beyond description. Every aspect from practices work outs and game s requires players to bring every ounce of energies and discipline to the locker rooms and ice. This is what Alex had to adjust to. GM Scarpaci notes he took this very serious. This is not easy and requires enormous disciple


Coach Frank Scarpaci notes, “We are very proud of Alex as he remained here in Florida after the season was over and worked very hard in post season training with the Eels coaches. He worked out in the gym 5 days per week and ice 2-3 times per week. He also showed enormous maturity and governing time management by getting a full-time job to help support the cost of his junior training.


Coach Scarpaci also concluded that further demonstrating Alex’s commitment to personally develop himself he joined the Eels in May at the USPHL Spring Showcase in Boston as well as at the Pro-AM NHL Pre-Draft Showcases and then in July he honed us at the prestigious Pro-AM Sr. Chowder Cup. At these forums, he played against team Sweden, Team Euro and team Russia/Ukraine. These were incredible experiences for him that allowed him to garner significant experience that will boast so well this year in his personal development


Coach Sanchez said at these events he showed tremendous resolve and fortitude. The opponents were very talented and skilled and Alex kept pushing forward and never quit or showed fear. It is this quality of player and work ethic that we are looking for in the Eels and the college coaches demand for their teams. It is a pleasure to have Alex back and allow us to help him reach his goals and dreams of playing college hockey.

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