The Florida Eels are pleased to announce the signing of Justice Scheltgen. Justice is a 2001, two-year veteran from London, Ontario, and has major success with Eels Elite. As a 6’3″ 215 lbs. power forward, Justice makes his presence known every time he touches the ice, whether it is his physicality, heavy shot, or toughness in front of the net, the opposing team feels his presence. Coach Sanchez believes that it is not just his size and strength that makes Justice successful but his hockey IQ and ability to read the game.

When asked about Justice’s development and performance Coach Sanchez said,
Justice has a ton of potential; we saw this from him his first year here. A 2001 player at the time being 17 playing against 20 and 21-year-olds, he was never scared and began to adapt to the speed of the play by making quick and smart decisions. By the end of the season, Justice’s speed progressed tremendously, allowing him not just to be noticeable but a game-changer. Unfortunately, Justice had an accident that he was lucky to survive but also had to learn to walk again. The fact that he was dedicated enough to work through something this traumatic to play hockey again shows what kind of person and player Justice is, one that lays everything on the line. Surely, he had a slow start when he first came back towards the end of last season, but by playoffs, Justice was exactly where he wanted to be, and the team needed him to be.

GM Frank Scarpaci echoes that Justice has his eye on the big picture. That is playing College Hockey. He knows full well that the Eels are amongst the top in Junior Hockey in player development and in advancing players to college. To date that is 257. Furthermore, with Justice returning for his third season, he is expected to make an immense impact this year. It is needless to say that we as an organization are excited to have Justice back and believe that he will contribute to our success as an organization.

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