The Florida Eels are pleased to announce the Re-Signing of 2003 JJ Peters to its 2020-21 Eels program.

The Florida Eels are pleased to announce the Re-Signing of 2003 JJ Peters to its 2020-21 Eels program. He is 5’8” 160 pounds RW forward from Houston Texas. The Eels scouted JJ at the CCM Junior Prospects Showcase in Denver CO. He was one of ½ dozen players  the Eels signed there. Coach Sanchez and Coach Scarpaci liked what they saw in Peters. The coaches believed that JJ was a young man with good skill set who was young, and with the Eels patterned training program, could develop  into quality player. He showed incredible passion at the CCM Showcase games they scouted  and was very enthusiastic about coming to the Eels and developing as a player


Peters  was among  27 rookies who joined the Eels program last season.  That right there showed the world, the Eels were a program built on player development.  Some teams focus exclusively on older players so they can garner quick wins. Our teams were young, and we looked towards its future as well as the present . When mixed with key veterans we witnessed an incredible foundation for success. Well, the Eels model, undoubtedly was the correct one. As it has been consistently for over 10-15 years. The proof is black and white. Both the Eels Premier and Elite teams not only finished in first place at the end of the season, they owned first place all season!!!



JJ knew full well that it would be a formative year for him He was making a quantum leap from high school and midget hockey in Texas to Jr A hockey – to the Eels Jr A hockey no less.  The USPHL was a very prestigious league with incredibly talented young men. And the Eels were amongst the best in that league. The speed of the game, the explosiveness of players, the heighten skill set, the quality of goalies – everything had to be in 3rd and 4th gear. It is like every shift of every game is in overspeed. It wasn’t easy.    The Florida Division of the USPHL was one of the top divisions in the league. The Eels Elite division was made up of key veterans  who played entire seasons with the Premier Division. So, JJ knew he had his work cut out for him. But that made him tick even more.


JJ’s energies were ignited. He knew he would have to work harder than anyone. It was not surprising to the coaches to witness JJ’s development as player. You could see the “Fire in his Eyes.” He had unwavering commitment and he knew it wasn’t enough to give lip service on the concept dedication and determination. He came to practice hours before others. He stayed later every day. He attended extra practices in the evening with the Midget team. He shot every day 100-220 pucks. He not only trained at our off-ice training facility, he worked extra at the Skatium’s gym after practice. He trained extra hard at practice pushing himself. The net sum at season’s end, he elevated and ripened into a solid consistent player.  He was a solid contributor in his team winning the Regular Season Championship in his division. But he wants more this year from himself and his team.   As a 2003 this was impressive. Think about it he played with and against 1999’s and 2000’s. That is two levels above players he played with back in Texas.


JJ is ready to take his game to the Next Level.  But he knows there is still much to do to improve his game. But he is not afraid of hard work.  He is looking forward to the season to start.  GM Scarpaci says “He  has the work ethic , determination and unwavering commitment  every day be it practice or in games.” One thing for sure is when you talk with JJ, he is always ready, hungrier than most and willing to “go through the wall” for the Eels.  He has great character and a team guy. We expect this to be a huge year for him. Having that one year behind him will prove volumes to his game. The Eels welcome back JJ Peters to its program.

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