The Florida Eels are extremely thrilled to announce that 6’0” 180lbs. veteran Forward Nikita Pinimyasov from Moscow Russia has returned to the Florida Eels this season.

Nikita came to the Eels last season as a rookie junior player. In 41 games he impressively scored 10 goals and notched 23 assists for 33 points in his rookie season. Prior to joining the Eels he played for Belye Medvedi Moskva U18 and U16 in Moscow Russia. GM Scarpaci notes, Nikitamade the adjustment to juniors easier than most young men his age and quickly became a star player for the Eels. As a 2000 he played with tremendous maturity and poise. He clearly stands far above anyone else in his age category.


He has an extremely high hockey IQ and his has the skill set of a 1998 player says Premier Head Coach Frank Scarpaci. He is an excellent skater with explosive speed and he  possess great hands and makes crisp accurate razor like passes. With Nikita the puck finds its way on net. Coach Scarpaci concludes, Nikita has the insatiable appetite to win. He comes to the rink every day with that fire in his eyes. The determination and dedication is written all over his face. On game day he excludes nothing less.  He has very good foot speed and great maneuverability; he is a stealth shifty player who will cause havoc on opposing in the defensemen.


Moreover, Coach Alex Sanchez notes, Nikita has a hard and accurate shot to support his acceleration and quick release on net. He drives to the net with fortitude and determination. He is virtually unstoppable. When you combine this with his strong stickhandling abilities and willingness and desire to score you have a recipe for success.   Nikita is very coachable. He wants to learn everything he can to improve his game.


GM Scarpaci notes, Nikita’s goal is to play for a NCAA Division 1 college here in the USA. Recognizing the Eels rich legacy in advancing over 230 players to college, he feels he is in the right place. Nikita is looking forward to playing in the 4 USPHL college showcases this season.  The Eels went from 3 last season to 4 this year. This is the type of exposure and visibility he wants . These showcases offer not only the forum to showcase his skills in front of the college
recruiters, but also provide him with the experience of playing with and
against some of the top players in North America and Europe. This experience will also speak volumes in his player development and will do him well for his
He will be again a very exciting player to watch here in Fort Myers.   He is always a fan favorite. GM Scarpaci notes, “We expect him to advance to the highest levels in this sport. No question he is a top NCAA player. How far he advances…. just keep watching him. The college coaches have already targeted him on their radar and we are unequivocally excited about his presence and contributions this season. Welcome back Nita to the Eels this season.”


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