The Eels have one of the highest ratios pf college placements in all of Tier III hockey

A quick look at Tier 3 Junior Hockey you will see close to 600 1998 players who are NOT COMMITTED to college for this season. Out of 600 players NOT COMMITTED only one is a Florida Eels.And that player is going off to play Professional hockey at the AHL ECHL or SPHL.
Now this underscores what the Florida Eels is all about. The Eels have advanced 250 players to college. This past season we have 12 players who will move on to college. That is incredible.
These results comes from undeniable hard work, sacrifice, determination and unequivocal dedication by the Eels players and coaches in training. This includes 4+ hours of training every day 5 days per week 35 weeks of the season to develop and prepare our players for college hockey. The players realize this and more importantly the college coaches know this. That is why players from all across the Globe come and play for the Florida Eels #floridaeelsjrhockey As we say about the USPHL Best league best players best coaches and BEST TEAM

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What's Happening with the Florida Eels

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