The Eels Elite Take on the Tampa Juniors Tomorrow at 11:00 am at the Fort Myers Skatium

The Eels Elite complete the weekend home and away pair of games at the Skatium. Game time 11:00 am. On Friday the Eels went out to a 4-1 lead only to be pushed back by the Tampa Juniors in the 3rd period thus stumbling 6-5 in a very disappointing loss. Things looked really good for the Eels through the 1st ½ half of the match but Tampa crept back inching and inching along. Tampa used their fly by offense sneaking behind the Eels defense and with a surprise attack stunned the Eels to gain victory. The Boys left Tampa in a fog wondering what happen and how? The truth and reality is you have to play the game for 60 minutes. The guys got caught in the euphoria of blowing things wide open 4-1 in the 1st ½ that they forgot to play our systems and allowed Tampa to wake up and rebound for the win.  The bottom line was a hard lesson learned: You win games defensively. That is so true when you go up 4-1 on Tampa. There is no excuse for their play.


On a positive note, you learn twice as much from your losses than your wins. This was a hard and fast lesson. The loss stung badly. They knew it and paid the ultimate price. GM Scarpaci and Coach Mitch plan to shake things up for Sunday’s game. We expect our guys to return to action with more fire in their belly and a mission to slam shut the door to garner a win here. These are young men who are developing and if this loss can help in their player development, then we are willing to take it as a learning vehicle. They are a very talented group of guys and we trust they will be ready to avenge their loss of Friday evening.


Sunday’s Elite game kicks off at 11:00 am at the Skatium

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