The Eels Elite Take On the RHC This Sunday Preview

The Florida Eels Elite take on the Rockets Hockey Club this Sunday at 10:15 am.  The Eels are in 2nd place in the Florida Division with 45 points Tampa is in 1st with 51. The Eels are within shooting distance. 6 points to tie 7 to overtake the Juniors. In the Eels way is the Rockets Hockey Club. The Eels have yet to play the RHC. They sit in 1st place in the Mid Atlantic Division, but they only played about ½ the games the Eels played.  This is the 1st time these two teams square off. The last outing between the two teams was last September when the Eels handed them a hard defeat 7-3 at the USPHL Showcase in Hampton September of 2019.


No doubt the RHC are a solid team. They are sitting there with 17 wins and  5 losses this season. However due to the Pandemic restrictions,  their competition this season mainly has been the Jersey Hitmen, the NY Aviators and the Jersey Shore Whalers. The Hub City has been great for them allowing the RHC to play many other teams outside their region. At the Hub City they  faced some formable opponents,  and  they did manage a good win over the Tampa Juniors, so you know they have been tested and were successful. Tampa is a solid club capable of beating anyone. They lost to the Atlanta Madhatters by a good margin 7-3 . The Madhatters have defeated Tampa so you know they are good. The RHC lost to one of the top programs in the New England –  the Northern Cyclones 5-1.  At Hub City the RHC    still have to play the Aviators this Thursday and again the Northern Cyclones on Saturday. Then the Eels on Sunday.


We are very excited about the opportunity play teams like the RHC and the Northern Cyclones. It brings out the best in competition. These are the best Elite teams from the North and if we advance in the playoffs we would have to play and defeat them at Nationals. They play a slightly different brand of hockey. They bring everything to every game. They battle for every shift and play with a high compete level. This is the way the Eels play. We saw it on Monday with a dramatic come back over the Madhatters and despite the loss to the Cyclones we put everything on the line on Sunday.


The Eels are training quite hard and watching video to dissect the RHC. WE know they can score with 107 GF and are quite stingy in net GA 56. But so, can’t the Eels GF 145 and 125 GA. So, bring your coffee and enjoy. This ought to be a high-octane game with plenty of offense and each team trying to suffocate the other defensively. We are looking forward to a great game this Sunday. Please join us live or on hockeyTV.

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