The Battle For Between Two Premier Titans The Florida Junior and The Florida Eels and the Tampa Juniors

This weekend the Eels Premier team squares off vs. the Tampa Juniors. The Eels are tied for 1st place with DME. Having 48 points each.  DME has a slight edge having won more games head to head. Tampa sits comfortably in 3rd place with 31 points compared to the Jr Blades with only 17 points.  Both teams are preparing for the playoff run next month. If all things are equal these two will square off the end of February in the 1st round at Hertz Arena. If the Eels over take DME the Eels will play the Jr Blades.

The Eels have been playing great hockey of late. Sure, they lost to DME last weekend but it was a phenomenal 2-1 game. In fact, the Eels lost with only 13 seconds remaining in regulation. We know we can’t count Tampa out or take them for granted. This is a very talented club and they have some veterans who know how to win. In fact, in 1 best of 3 game series anything can happen. The coaches for the Eels and its players are focused and ready for anyone who they are presented with. They are not looking too far ahead say to Nationals. They know full well that they need to take care the task directly in front of them and that is the remaining 7 games of the regular season. During those games it is all about putting the final touches on the team. So, expect a high tempo game. Expect our guys to come out quick and not waiting till the end of the game to complete the job. Hope you can join us in Tampa or otherwise see us on Fast hockey TV

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