Sunday The Eels Are Looking To Avenge Their Friday Night Losses To Tampa

Friday night was not the Eels night. The Elite lost 4-3 against the Tampa Juniors and the Premier fee 4-2 with an open net goal closing out the night.

The Elite guys made a hard push in the closing minutes of play coming back from a 4-1 deficit to within  1 goal. The final 4-3. It was close in the end but still not our best effort. Sometimes things simply don’t click. It was not coming together through out 50 minutes of play. The Eels Elite  managed a final push but  the late drive  – it was too little too late so to speak.

The Premier team looked quite strong in the 1st period. They looked so much more dominate and it appeared they were going to run away with the game. But the 2nd period things came to a grinding halt. Tampa made their push and kept coming. The score was 3-2 in the final minute but Tampa scored an open net as the Eels pulled its net minder.

Sunday the Eels meet their West Coast of Florida Rivals once again and are looking to avenge their losses. No doubt the Eels are approaching Sunday’s matches a lot different. Both teams met today and regrouped. Game plans were drawn up and changes were made. I think you will see line up changes and the guys far more determined than on Friday night contests.

We need more from a number of the guys. And they know it. You will see more jump in their step. We didi not expect the guys to go undefeated and this was a large wake up call across the board.

Sunday the Elite play 10:30 am Drop of puck. The Premier Guys start at 1:00 pm

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