Spring Training and Summer Camps for Junior Players

Junior Players Spring Training Summer Camp

Spring Training and Summer Camps


As we explained to all of you during our meetings over the past several days it is imperative that you continue to train hard over the spring and summer in order to maintain your accomplished fitness level and for most of you being prepared for that Next Level whether it be college or Juniors next year.


You cannot come into next season in the shape and condition that many of you came this year. It takes months to build your endurance and to re gain the skill set you developed. In fact to reach the level that is demanded in college hockey we have to be stronger faster and more hockey intelligent than ever before. Do not forget what you witnessed on the college tour and from the NCAA games we watched while we were in Boston. You all saw whether at the NCAA Div. 1 or 3 level the game is much much quicker. The hits are that much harder. The fore-check that more aggressive. The intensity and over all level was so heightened. We can help get you there. Despite the fact that the season is over, your job is far from done.

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