It’s the Final Countdown: Final Regular Season Home Game This Sunday

The final countdown is on, and the Florida Eels head into the last weekend of regular season home games. The Eels faced off against the Palm Beach Typhoon on Thursday, February 22nd in Lake Worth, Florida and are set to return home to play them again on Sunday, February 25th  (Elite 10:30 am and Premier 1:00 pm) for their final regulation season home games. Although both the Eels Premier and Elite have clinched their spot in the Florida Divisional Playoffs March 9th-11th, these final games are essential to their placement in the seeding of the playoff rounds.

Florida Eels Premier claimed an 8-1 win against the Palm Beach Typhoon Thursday, February 22nd.  . The Florida Eels opened their 8 goal game at 5:04 in the first, when Brayden Goddard secured the first goal, assisted by Ocean Angus and Anthony Zebley. Jacob “Jack” Godbout grabbed goal number two for the Eels, assisted by Devin Shepherd and Dario Zitko at 16:40 in the first period. Goal number three was secured by Anthony Zebley and assisted by Brayden Goddard and Ocean Angus at 19:26 in the first. Eels lead 3-0 at the end of the first. Brayden Goddard grabbed his second game goal, assisted by Noah Trathen and Jared Salminen at 5:45 in the second period. Jacob “Jack” Godbout followed with his second goal of the game, assisted by Brayden Goddard and Matthew Perry at 13:14. Eels pushed into the third with a 4-0 lead.  Noah Trathen grabbed goal six, assisted by Holden Beckett, and Braeden Bzovey at 4:26 in the third period. Palm Beach Typhoon scored their lone goal at 4:59 in the third period at 4:59. Sebastian Potter responded by scoring goal seven for the Eels, assisted by Mark Phillips and Anthony Zebley at 9:35 in the third. Dario Zitko grabbed the final eight goal, assisted by Brayden Goddard and Matthew Perry at 12:38 in the third period. With Tobias “Toby” Bell between the pipes Florida Eels Premier finalized the win 8-1.

The Florida Eels Elite battled the Palm Beach Typhoon to claim the 7-3 win on Thursday, February 22nd. Florida Eels newcomber Thomas Harrow grabbed the first goal of the game, assisted by Yiorgos Bikakis at :58 in the first. Palm Beach Typhoon responded with their first goal of the game from Aaron Lentz at 4:35. Thomas Harrow, assisted by Cooper Bergman, grabbed his second goal of the game, pushing the Eels to regain the lead 2-1 at 18:00 in the first. However, the lead was short lived with Palm Beach Typhoon’s Luke Richards grabbed the Typhoon’s second game goal at 19:33 in the first. The game was deadlocked 2-2 at the end of the first. Palm Beach Typhoon grabbed an early lead 3-2 on the Florida Eels Elite, when Francesco “Frankie” Murano, scored the Typhoon’s third goal of the game. At 6:53 in the second Sean Burke tied the game for the Florida Eels, 3-3 unassisted. Thomas Harrow followed with his third goal of the game, assisted by Fynn O’Neill and Reid Wilson at 16:51. The Eels now lead 4-3 at the end of the second period. Florida Eels Yiorgos Bikakis scored goal number five, assisted by Fynn O’Neill at 11:45 in the third. Logan Slezak grabbed goal number six, assisted by Jeremie Ilunga-Molay and Thomas Harrow at 13:09. Eels Zayn Haddon-Harris grabbed goal seven, assisted by Julian Gagnon and Alex Cochran at 18:33. With Nate Haas between the pipes facing 31 shots, the Florida Eels Elite claimed the win 7-3

As we head into the last weekend of regular season home games we want to take a moment to thank you Eels Nation for your support for our teams and players. WE LOVE seeing each of you at our games and supporting the teams. This weekend we hope we can pack the house in our green and black attire for our last home game on Sunday, February 25th as the Florida Eels take on the Palm Beach Typhoon one last time this season.

Join us for a fun filled day of hockey fun!!

Sunday, February 25th, 2024 -Home Fort Myers Skatium

Elite 10:30 am

Premier- 1:00 pm

General Admission $5.00 all children 12 and under free admission.




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