In Loving Memory of Alan Miller

An important message from General Manager Frank Scarpaci:

It is with my deepest condolences that I pray for my good friend Alan Miller as he passed away this last weekend. Alan was a great friend a devoted husband to his loving wife Lisa and an incredible dad to his son Bryan and daughter Lauren. Words cannot describe this loss to all of us. Alan was a big man.  A Man’s man. Whose presence both physically and emotionally was felt when he walked into a room. He brought so much life, energy and laughter to all.

He always was so supportive of all his children’s’ endeavors. Oh boy was he a proud father. With his son Bryan who played  youth and junior hockey with the Florida Eels, Alan was there every step of the way. Whether transporting players from state to state, setting up Hockey TV at the Skatium, feeding players and hosting them in his home for Thanksgiving dinners or simply cheering in the stands. When Bryan went off to college Alan was there as well with such a smile that beamed from ear to ear. His boy!  Then when Bryan returned home and took a job with the Eels as an assistant coach with the Premier team, Alan could not have been prouder. His boy was an Eels and always an Eel. Alan never missed a game.

And Lauren, he was so proud of his baby girl.  He was so proud of you when you got accepted to the University of Florida. He loved to echo your accomplishments.  Indeed,  I remember last Christmas, he called me up and spoke with me for an hour about the program you were at   and internship opportunities and the future ahead of you.  Then 3 weeks later I met him at the rink and he sat in my office and again as a proud dad told me more…. As always,  I couldn’t get a word in edgewise. Yes you believe it me….not being able to get a word in….Now that is the Alan we know. A proud dad….he loving dedicated and devoted family guy. His kids best friend.

Alan it wasn’t just your physical presence that made you so special. Indeed, it was your support and guidance. Your advise, encouragement and business acumen, your friendship and camaraderie. You always had such great advise not just to Bryan and Lauren but to the hundreds of Eels junior players and our coaches.

Alan yes you are now resting in Heaven and I know you will be cheering on our Eels and looking after your family. No, you wont be here in person, but your presence will never be gone. Your voice, spirit and guidance will forever be with us. We will never forget you. You have left an indelible void in our lives but most importantly with Lisa, Bryan and Lauren. I know you will continue to shine your spirit on them as always. We love you buddy.

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