HockeyTV All-Access Pass

HockeyTV All-Access Pass

The HockeyTV All-Access Pass keeps your fans engaged with your team, allowing them to watch every game, even when they can’t make it in person.


Any Game – HockeyTV streams tens of thousands of live games per year, and has instant on-demand


access to hundreds of thousands of games that can be downloaded or streamed online. All games,


including playoffs, will be available to watch on HockeyTV with an All-Access Pass.


Anytime – With HockeyTV, you can watch all games live and on-demand, allowing friends, family, and


fans to watch games on their own schedule or play them back at any time.


Anywhere – HockeyTV gives fans the flexibility to watch games how they want! HockeyTV can be


watched on many devices including web browsers, tablets, mobile phones, AppleTV, Amazon Fire,


Android TV, and Roku.

Lowest price ever for an All-Access Annual Pass

To kick off the 2022-23 season, HockeyTV is announcing its lowest price ever for a HockeyTV All-Access Annual Pass – Now only $149.99!

Fans can now sign up for a HockeyTV All-Access pass at the lowest price that it has ever been, without the need of any discount codes, making the process simple and easy for new subscribers.

Subscribing to HockeyTV

  1. Visit and create an account
  2. Navigate to Subscriptions on the navigation menu or visit to add a

    subscription package to your account

  3. Select a monthly or annual All-Access pass and continue with the subscription checkout process
  4. Enjoy access to all of our games live, and on-demand

Promoting the lower price to kick off the season!

Telling your fans about the lowest price ever for a HockeyTV All-Access Annual Pass is simple! Throughout the marketing kit you will find resources for social media posts, website updates, email campaigns, and more to promote viewership on HockeyTV. Below is a sample of social media images promoting the $149.99 price point and can be found under the “Social Media” section of this marketing kit.

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