Florida Eels Scouts Heading To Czech Republic/Slovakia

The Eels Will Leave No Stone Unturned In Their Scouting Efforts


This year the Eels scouts will be personally crossing the Atlantic and heading to Europe in search for impact players for its teams for next season. The coaching staff is very excited with this year’s scouting trips. The scouting venues have included: St Louis MO, Los Angeles CA, Vancouver CA, Foxboro Mass Marlboro Mass, Montreal CA Chicago IL Denver CO Las Vegas NV back to Marlboro MA Merrimack College MA, Foxboro MA, Wisconsin and now the Czech Republic/Slovakia Russia and Germany.

This year has been the largest and most comprehensive of all recruiting seasons ever, to say we combed the Globe is the understatement of the year. Some of the additional highlights have been that the Eels personally hosted 5 Eels teams in Boston where we had over 100 prospects essentially trying out for the Eels junior teams. Additionally, at the Pro-AM Pre-Draft Showcase the Eels coached 2 of the Future Stars Swedish Teams and had 2 affiliate teams at the USPHL Spring Showcase -the Somang Group. Moreover, at the Global Chicago and Global Las Vegas Showcases Premier Coach Frank Scarpaci coached over a 1/2 dozen teams of key prospects.

One thing for sure we have seen and scouted over 3,000 players this recruiting season. We can expect that the Eels teams will once again be talented and strong.

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