Florida Eels Premier Team Tops Jr Blades In Make Up Game

The postponed game from November was finally completed their game last night with a strong 2 period effort last night with a win by the Eels Premier team over the Jr. Blades. The final was 8-3 Florida Eels. The game was suspended due to ice conditions as the Zamboni tore up the ice and the rink staff worked 3 hours but were not able to repair the surface.

The teams played 1 period and the game was postponed.
At that time scoring for the Eels went as follows:
Jared Figueroa (15) ASST: Jacob Handfast (15)
Hayden Haldane (16) ASST: Jacob Handfast (16) (PP)
Jacob Handfast (11) ASST: Yan Kalinovskiy (19), Colton Crabtree (17) (PP)

The Eels led 3-2.

Last evening the Eels scored 5 more and the Blades managed 1 additional goal.

Jared Figueroa (16) ASST: Colton Crabtree (18), Jean-Simon Robidoux (5)
Nikita Pinimyasov (17) ASST: Gabriel Hemstrom (22), Demeed Podrezov (15)
Jacob Handfast (12) ASST: Cameron Carnes (8), Gage McNeish (6)
Jace Lis-D’Alessandro (6) ASST: Colton Crabtree (19), Yan Kalinovskiy (20) (PP)
Jared Figueroa (17) ASST: Colton Crabtree (20), Jean-Simon Robidoux (6)

With last night’s effort Jared Figueroa notched a hat trick.
The Eels moved into 1st place now having 44 points and DME is with 42.

The Eels will have a 2 game series vs the Blades this weekend.

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