Florida Eels Premier Team Ice Cap vs Tampa Juniors Friday’s Game



Florida Eels Premier Team Ice Cap vs Tampa Juniors Friday’s Game

Friday night’s game between the Eels Premier team and the Tampa Juniors had all of the trappings of a real old fashion barn burner. There was plenty of hype going into the game. As the announcer for the Tampa Juniors said, the Eels were the better of the two teams throughout the game. The Eels were faster, had more skill and were dominate. In fact in the 1st 5 minutes of play the Eels drew 1st blood, by a goal from: Jean-Simon Robidoux (7) ASST: JP Montmarquette (15), Filip Scored (14) In fact anyone watching the game in person or on Hockey TV would have predicted the Eels were about to blow this one wide open. The shots were even 9 each in period one but the deliver and play by the Eels was more pronounced. But ½ way through the 1st period, Tampa scored their 1st to tie things up.

Then 8 minutes into the 2nd the Eels finally took matters into their own hands and got a nice goal from Gage McNeish (2) ASST: Hayden Haldane (20), Yan Kalinovskiy (24) and I have to admit I expected the wall to cave in on Tampa. Then to everyone’s amazement Tampa scored 3 unawered goals in the 2nd period to take a 4-2 lead.

In the locker-room between the 2nd and 3rd Coach Frankie Scarpaci refocused his players. One thing for sure these guys don’t panic and know we have the guns to bring this game back in reach. We had 20 minutes to get it done but it would be nice to get it kicked off early. And indeed, that is what happened. And from no other than a great goal from our Russian trio of Nikita Pinimyasov (22) ASST: Demeed Podrezov (21), Yan Kalinovskiy (25). The remaining period remained scoreless and the Eels needed a goal to tie it up and send it into OT. Well, things got a bit hairy when with only 2 ½ minutes to go Hayden Haldane got assessed a penalty. Geeze now folks from Tampa thought they had this in the bag. Eels down by one and they were on the power play. The problem is they counted the Eels Premier guys out and that is always a mistake. I mean why would anyone count this team out with an arsenal that rivals International Troops from the USA Canada Russia Sweden Hungry France and you name it. More firepower than anyone.
Well while on the PK the Eels went on the attack. What? Yep when they were supposed to be on the defensive posture they turned on the jets. Tampa was stunned. And the Eels put it pass them with one of the prettiest goals from Jean-Simon Robidoux (8) ASST: Yan Kalinovskiy (26) (SH)

You should have seen the faces on the Tampa bench. There was total shock. The Eels stunned them. Badly. In fact, there is no doubt this goal had an impact in the 3 on 3 five-minute OT. The Eels totally dominated. But at the end of 3 on 3 the game was still tied. The game went into a shoot-out and
Nikita Pinimyasov scored only to matched by a Tampa player. The shoot-out went 6 rounds and then in dramatic fashion Lukas Aaw scored for the Eels to win the game. Having another strong game in net for the Eels was Viktor Paulsson.

Folks tomorrow the Eels Premier team faces off vs the Tampa Juniors to complete its home and away weekend series puck drop at 1:30 pm. Please join us live at the Ft Myers Skatium or on Hockey TV

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