Florida Eels Premier Team Has One of The Strongest Balanced Offense in the League

The key to the Eels Premier team’s wins this weekend over the Atlanta Mad Hatters and the Jr Blades was their balanced attack. The goals are not coming from one or two guys. Look at Friday’s game. Of the 4 goals we had 4 separate guys score the goals:


Petersen 4 (Senik),

Gaudet 12 (Zebley, Dill),

Yakzhin 5 (Court, Tereshchenko),

Dill 9 (Gaudet, Nosov),


Then on Sunday look at the goals scored:


Tereshchenko 15 (Court, Yakzhin),

Petersen 5 (Senik, Figueroa),

McNeish 1 (Dill), 6:47. 5

Zebley 5

Court 10 (Yakzhin, Udris),
OT Period-  Zebley 6 (Dill, Udris),


Of the 10 goals we only had 2 guys who scored more than 1 goal. This makes it very difficult defend as opposing coaches have soon come to realize. You can see the assists are balanced as well with many guys getting into the action. Moreover, to bolster this balanced attack look at the team stats. We have 7 players with 20 or more points. That is amazing 7 players averaging over a point per game.  We have another 2 with 18 and 19 points respectively. We have 12 players in double digits.  This accomplishment is not by chance. In order to reach our goal and make it to Nationals in Boston and capture a National title you need a balanced attack with multiple weapons’, so you avoid being shut down by neutralizing one or two players.

This is augmented by extremely solid play by our all-star defensive core and outstanding goaltending.


We go into the Thanksgiving break feeling good. Very good. Not cocky or arrogant. But a solid A performance for the 1sthalf of the season.

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